Psychology And Cognitive Science

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The PhD Program "Psychology and Cognitive Science", as far as the scope and structure of its subjects of interest, the width and interdisciplinary characterization of the Board of Professors, and the network of National and International research collaborations are concerned, complies with the criteria established by the Ministry and approved by the National Council of University (CUN) concerning “the adoption of aggregations about relevant subjects”, and “the acknowledgement of the subjects, without ruling out highly interdisciplinary innovative subjects”. With regards to its training paths, the doctoral program addresses many scientific fields which are methodologically and culturally strongly related, and characterised by evident multidisciplinary connections; the core teaching activity is based upon workshops and seminars. The Route A is concerned with cognitive processes, individual differences, and states of consciousness. Route A aims at preparing researchers with strong expertise in the study of the basic processes of psychology, and in the methods for experimental research in main fields of psychological research, such as Attention, Perception, Memory, Thinking, Emotions, Language, Personality traits, Decision, Neuropsychology, Psychophysiology of sleep and dream, Sleep Disorders, Ontogenesis of sleep, Electro-cortical correlates of cognitive processes, Cognitive Ergonomics, Tutoring Psychology. Route B stems from the former PhD. Program in Cognitive Psychology and its main aim is to prepare researchers who could plan and carry out research oriented to the study of cognitive processes, using all the contributions from the cognitive sciences and considering all the lifespan. Cognitive Processes: recognition, attention, mental representation/mental imagery, concept formation, memory, thought, reasoning, problem-solving, language, intelligence, emotions both in normal and pathological subjects. Further interest of Route B of the Doctorate is to orient students toward the study of the following themes: (a) Music Cognition: cognitive analysis of the musical behaviour in its three forms: composition, execution, enjoyment; applicable to the fields of communication, multimedia, school, education and creativity; (b) Decision and Prediction Processes: models of cognitive processes involved in decision and prediction behaviours in risky situations, in cooperative and competitive behaviours; (d) Cognitive Processes in disabled persons and in situations of emergency: models of cognitive activity in situation of emergency, models and experimentation of development and the modalities of cognitive activity in disabled, psycho-technologies for integration, international classification and models of estimate of the processes of benefit granting; models of learning in international cooperation, History of Psychology,Personality and Individual Differences.

Exam - written

Giorno: 31/8/2023 Ora: 10:00 Aula: Aula 1 Indirizzo: Via dei Marsi, 78

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Giorno: 4/9/2023 Ora: 10:00 Aula: 6 Indirizzo: Via dei Marsi, 78


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