Architecture And City Construction

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Educational goals

The Research Doctorate in Architecture and City Construction has as its scientific objective the progress of studies in the different fields of architecture and city construction as well as the training of scholars who are able to operate in the different levels of scientific research, from theoretical elaboration up to the operational application of the knowledge achieved. The general objective of the research conducted in the Doctorate in Architecture and Construction of the City is therefore to maintain as a reference the "line of resistance" of the architectural culture of our country, within our specific History, whose areas of application can diversify as a consequence of the most urgent issues that arise from local realities and/or international. In this operational context, the architectural project, a synthetic expression of the different knowledge that contributes to defining the Doctorate in Architecture and City Construction, takes on a decisive importance both in terms of tools and techniques and in terms of the advancement of knowledge. scientific. The PhD in Architecture and City Construction is divided into four different curricula: Architectural and Urban Composition (A), Estimation and Evaluation (B), Urban Morphology (C), Built Environment (D), whose educational objective is the provision of innovative skills and advanced tools useful for research in the scientific disciplinary field of reference. The four curricula and the reference teachers operate interactively with each other, within common and shared seminars in which the individual disciplines contribute to the best achievement of the objectives. Teaching in the doctorate is organized in a distinct manner over the three years of the course. In the first year, doctoral students follow two seminars: one theoretical and one project-based, two cycles of lessons held by the professors of the college on topics established from year to year, and finally, ex cathedra lessons by professors from other national and international research centers. Doctoral students participate in conferences, external seminars and calls for papers, requesting verification of the program from the teaching body. At the end of the first year, the delivery and presentation of papers relating to all the activities carried out is expected. The second and third years are characterized by reports on the progress of the research that the doctoral students present to the entire teaching body: every year there are two/three, in February, in July, in December. Activities in other research centers in Italy or abroad with proven need in relation to one's research interests are solicited and promoted. Finally, the production of individual and group publications is promoted, to encourage the construction, by each doctoral student, of an adequate scientific curriculum.

Exam - written

Giorno: 10/7/2024 Ora: 10:00 Aula: aula 8 Indirizzo: Piazza Borghese 9 - sede del Dottorato in Architettura e Costruzione della Città - Roma

Exam - Oral

Giorno: 18/7/2024 Ora: 10:00 Aula: aula 8 Indirizzo: Piazza Borghese 9 - sede del Dottorato in Architettura e Costruzione della Città - Roma




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