Accredited photographers for graduation sessions

Photoshoots at graduation sessions

Sapienza has regulated the access of professional photographers to graduation sessions, with a public notice and an accreditation procedure. The rules of conduct are indicated in the Regulations. The main purpose is ensuring the orderly conduct of the graduation sessions, primarily to protect students.

Accredited photographers must show their identification badge at all times.
Students can choose to use one of the professional photographers accredited by the University, by contacting the photographer beforehand or directly during the final exam. The accreditation procedure for professional photographers leaves each student free to have photographs taken during the final exam by people they trust.

The University is to all intents and purposes extraneous to the contractual relationship established between students and accredited photographers.

The photoshoot must be carried out in compliance with the principles of public order and current legislation, including the protection of privacy and confidentiality; it is forbidden to photograph the graduate or any other person without his prior consent.

Photographers are required to comply with the provisions contained in these Regulations and to behave in such a way as not to disturb the smooth running of the final examinations and with the utmost respect for the other authorised individuals and all those present; they must also comply with the instructions given by each Faculty or, from time to time, given by the President of the Dissertation Panel or by a person appointed by him/her.
The President of the Dissertation Panel at the beginning of the graduation session will remind the accredited photographers and all those present of the rules of conduct by reading a memo.
Read the Regulations (in Italian)
Memo of the President of the Dissertation Panel (pdf_ in Italian)

Please refer to the Italian version of this page for the accredited photographers and the final measures of the 2019 accreditation procedure.


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