Regulation for the acquisition of advertising space

The Strategic Planning and Communications Area collaborates with the Academic Programmes and Right to Education Area. The two areas carry out a careful planning of advertising activities, prioritizing the support given to the immatricolation annual campaign.

Here the regulation about advertising for Sapienza Public Administration.

Price limit

The art. 6 clause 8, law 78/2010 converted by law 122/2010 has estabilished the price limit, and Sapienza’s Accounting Finance & Management Control Area has evaluated such limit at 4.812 euros. Such amount is added to the Strategic Planning and Communications Area budget and administrated by The Communication and Press Office Area, for activities planned with the University vertex. To this limit are to be considered exceptions related to jurisprudence. 

Cost Distribution

Cost Distribution is regulated by law 177/2005 (visual media and radio services) art. 41 (administrative advertising and public bodies) – it plans 50% distribution for newspaper and 15% for private, local radio and television.

Cost centres managers must report their Cost Distribution on the Agcom platform every year,  To the Lack of respect for the norm follow penalities.

For furteri nformation please visit Agcom information boxes for public bodies advertising (Ita), that is Law 177/2005 (ita)  and its Presidency of the Council of Ministers guideline (ita).




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