Faculty Monitoring Committees

The new Sapienza Statute modified the organisation of the Sapienza Evaluation System, substituting Faculty Evaluation Nuclei with Faculty Monitoring Committees.

The organisational model of the Sapienza Quality Assurance was simplified by providing the Faculty Monitoring Committees with the responsibility to support both the Quality Team and the Evaluation Committee by providing all data and information required for Quality Assurance and Evaluation.

The Monitoring Committees must:

  • Monitor processes concerning QA, self-evaluation, re-examination and improvement of degree programmes at the Faculty and related Department levels, with particular attention to issues that are managed directly by the coordination body and not individual degree programmes;
  • Ensure a correct flow of information with the Quality Team, Evaluation Committee and the Professor-Student Committees at the Faculty and relevant Departments;
  • Propose the adoption of common QA tools to the Quality Team and provide training activities to implement them;
  • Provide support to Degree Programmes, their coordinators, the QA Commission for Degree Programmes and Department Directors relevant to the Faculty for QA activities;
  • Consolidate, at the faculty-level, the network model of the Sapienza Quality Assurance. This is fundamental to catalyse the responsibility of Quality, Degree Programme and Department Commissions in implementing QA and self-evaluation processes;
  • Support Degree Programmes and Department in fully integrating the various didactic-level planning systems: academic programmes, lesson schedules, lecture hall management, exam scheduling, etc.


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