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Free software for students

La Sapienza mette a disposizione della comunità universitaria numerose risorse software gratuite sia per l'uso quotidiano del computer sia per utilizzi specialistici nelle attività di ricerca e di didattica

Software Distribution 

The distribution service for the software for didactics and research (Dsrd) is aiment to a cut of the expenses and facilitation of the acquisition of a didactic software for Sapienza University.

This also includes special agreements with some manufacturers aimed at the free distribution of software to the students of Sapienza University and of services related to the use of the software.
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Matlab and Simulink System

Students, researchers and professors of Sapienza University can access the free, MathWorks specialized software, in particular Matlab and Simulink, useful for interfacing instruments, automation, robotics, simulation of mathematical and technological models and physical systems, the analysis of big-datas and multiple scientific applications. 

Students can make up to 4 personal installations, teachers and researchers can make up for unlimited installations. Networks for classrooms and clusters are also planned. The software can be downloaded from the MathWorks manufacturer's website with a license key. If the user is not logged in the University net, the website won’t work. If you need to download the system from outside Sapienza net, please contact

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Microsof Office free system for University community

Students, staff and professors can download freely Microsoft Office 365.

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Wolfram Mathematica

The University community can also install freely Wolfram Mathematica on their personal computers, on the computer’s of the laboratory and on professors’ computers. 

From more than 30 years Wolfram Mathematica has been a benchmark in the field of software, for students, teachers and researchers all over the world.

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