Gong – Nutrition Education

GONG - Gruppo Orientamento Nutrizione Giovani (Nutrition Orientation for young people) is a service our University offers to students and employees to promote principles of healthy eating. "Nutrirsi con Sapienza" (Eat with Sapienza) is the essential requirement to preserve the person's health status, prevent disease and facilitate our well-being.

At GONG you will find support, information and guidance. We are organising nutrition counselling, motivational interviewing, in small groups or individual sessions, seminars and conferences about recent events. An accurate assessment of your nutritional status and the psychological effects of food behaviour will be offered.

The right information and more awareness are necessary elements for a healthy approach to eating, free from conditioning, myths, and fake news. Respect for personal taste, recognition of the hedonistic and convivial role of human nutrition, and the value of our culinary traditions as an integral part of our culture without forgetting sustainability issues are also essential elements.

The project is coordinated by the research unit on Food Science and Human Nutrition of the Department of Experimental Medicine (Medical Pathophysiology, Food Science and Endocrinology Section), in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, the Dietetics Degree Programme, and the Specialisation School in Food Science.

Project Coordinator: Alessandro Pinto - Department of Experimental Medicine

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