Health and Well-being

Mens sana in corpore sano is not just a way of saying at Sapienza: we’re committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our students throughout their time with us. You may take care of your health and well-being thanks to free-of-charge services as well as highly qualified medical staff and specialists. We provide nutrition and stop smoking services, a guidance to choosing your general practitioner and much more

We care about our students' health. The following sections provide all students with information both on COVID-19 and a range of services to promote healthy lifestyles, avoid risky behaviours and help for their healing process.


Sapienza Salute - Sapienza health and wellness counselling

Sapienza Salute (Sapienza health and wellness counselling) offers health and wellness counselling services to all members of our community (students, academic and administrative staff), creating a virtual and virtuous bridge between Sapienza and Policlinico Umberto I General Hospital, Sant'Andrea Hospital and Polo Pontino.

At the clinics of Centro di Medicina Occupazionale (Centre for Occupational Health), Main Campus,specialists from various medical fields donate their off-hour professional help creating an actual 'time bank'. 

Sapienza Salute also collaborates with national and international associations and non-profit organisations thanks to framework agreements and memoranda of understanding.

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Coronavirus, protective measures and advice for the Sapienza community

Sapienza University of Rome, to preserve the university community’s health, is implementing the protective measures issued by the Italian Health Authorities against the COVID-19. A task force has been set up, composed of scientific experts and prevention office managers. The task force carefully follows the international and national epidemiological development and the updates given on official sources.

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Amico Andrologo Campus: a new service for our students

Amico Andrologo Foundation provides all Sapienza students with a free andrological consultation service.

Amico Andrologo Help Desk (in Italian)

Prevention services

Prevention is better than cure. The aim of this section is to provide students with tools that can be useful to prevent the most common diseases amongst university students.

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Mental Health Counselling Service

Good health is about physical, mental and social well-being. 
Studying at a university is a delicate phase in any young person's life. It often involves a completely new environment and profoundly different studying requirements than what many students experienced in high school. Students have different relations with professors and their peers. And all of this often leads to new hardships and often innocuous habits can turn into dangerous psychological and physical habits. The aim of this section is to provide students with the tools that can help them recognise the onset of issues and take advantage of the necessary support to avoid developing dangerous habits.

Do you not feel at ease with yourself or around others? Do you have emotional or motivational difficulties?

If you wish, you can contact one of our Psychological Counselling Centres or attend  "Noi bene" (Italian)

NoiBene programme 

NoiBene is a psychological intervention programme dedicated to all Sapienza students to prevent psychological distress through mental health literacy, the promotion of positive, flexible behaviour and the enhancement of life skills. Inspired by a guided self-help approach, the programme includes a series of learning modules on different aspects of psychological and relational functioning relevant to a person's well-being and fulfilment.

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Services for Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficulties

All Sapienza students with disabilities and LD, that are officially certified as being equal to or above 66% have the right to specific services to help them with their academic career, allow access to all university facilities and provide full inclusion. You will need to register with the Sapienza Disabilities Office (Sportello per le relazioni con studenti disabili) to take advantage of these services.
For further information: Sapienza Disabilities Office

Orientation and accessibility to care 

Emergencies - SOS
European Emergency Phone Number: 112

Sapienza Emergency Phone Numbers

  • 800 81 11 92
  • 8108 (from landlines)
  • 06 49694233 (from mobiles)

Are you a Regione Lazio Resident?

If you are a resident in the Regione Lazio, you can access all health services provided by the Regional Health System in public and accredited health facilities throughout the region. If you have not already done so, you can choose a GP at your local ASL (health office) or on the Regione Lazio Portal.

Are you an off-campus student?

Off-campus students with a permanent address (“residenza”) in a different region, can access the Lazio regional Healthcare service by making a request for healthcare domicile through a fixed-term registration (generally 1 year, renewable) on the NHS lists of their local ASL (health office).This procedure allows our student to have access to all public and accredited health facilities and to choose a trusted GP in Regione Lazio. For the time being, off-campus students with permanent address (“residenza”) in a different region, can’t apply online. They need to go to their local ASL, present their University enrolment certificate and fill out specific forms.

Have you got a prescription for a specialized medical examination?

If your doctor has prescribed a specialized medical examination or a diagnostic test (i.e. Blood test or a chest x-ray), there are two procedures to book the service: call the “Regione Lazio ReCup Call Center”, freephone number 06 99 39, or book online by visiting their website where you can also find the Call Center’s working time.  


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