Health and Well-being

We care about our students' health. And this is why we have decided to provide all students with a range of services to promote healthy lifestyles, avoid risky behaviours and helping students with specific disorders.

This is an ambitious project based on prevention services provided by Sapienza professionals and specialists at Sapienza Hospitals, Health Centres and Medical Faculties:
Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Policlinico Umberto I - General Hospital
Azienda Ospedaliera Sant’Andrea - General Hospital
Latina Health Centre

Prevention Services

Prevention is the best way to preserve our health. There are three levels to prevention:

  • Primary prevention - avoiding behaviour and/or conditions that increase the risk of developing or catching diseases;
  • Secondary prevention - this is essentially early diagnosis of ailments through tests and screening of widespread diseases and ailments;
  • Tertiary prevention - this concerns the accurate control of chronic and/or irreversible diseases to avoid complications.

Preventing is better than curing. The aim of this section is to provide students with tools that can be useful to prevent the most common diseases amongst university students.
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Gong - Sapienza Nutrition Services
Protect Your Love
Sports in CUS Facilities

Assistance Services

Good health is about physical, mental and social well-being. 
Studying at a university is a delicate phase in any young person's life. It often involves a completely new environment and profoundly different studying requirements than what many students experienced in high school. Students have different relations with professors and their peers. And all of this often leads to new hardships and often innocuous habits can turn into dangerous psychological and physical habits.

The aim of this section is to provide students with the tools that can help them recognise the onset of issues and take advantage of the necessary support to avoid developing dangerous habits.

If you identify yourself with any of the following conditions, you can click on the service and find further information, self-evaluation tests, and descriptions of the most common symptoms. You can use these services to gain a better idea of your condition and reach out for help if necessary!

Do you not feel at ease with yourself or around others?
If you wish, you can contact one of our Psychological Counselling Centres or attend  "Noi bene" (italian)

Do you feel a compulsive need?
Try one of our self-evaluation tests for habits related to:

If you are worried about any of these, you can find help at the following facilities:







Services for Disabilities

All Sapienza students with disabilities that are officially certified as being equal to or above 66% have the right to specific services to help them with their academic career, allow access to all university facilities and provide full inclusion. You will need to register with the Sapienza Disabilities Office (Sportello per le relazioni con studenti disabili) to take advantage of these services.
For further information: Sapienza Disabilities Office

Orientation and Accessibility - I'm Ill, where can I cure myself?

Emergencies - SOS
European Emergency Phone Number: 112

Sapienza Emergency Phone Numbers

  • 800 81 11 92
  • 8108 (from landlines)
  • 06 49694233 (from mobiles)

Are you a Regione Lazio Resident?

If you are a resident in the Regione Lazio, you can access all health services provided by the Regional Health System in public and accredite health facilities throughout the region. If you have not already done so, you can choose a GP at your local ASL (health office) or on the Regione Lazio Portal.

Sei uno studente fuori sede?
Gli studenti fuori sede che mantengono la propria residenza in un’altra Regione, possono comunque accedere al Servizio Sanitario Regionale del Lazio richiedendo il domicilio sanitario con l’iscrizione a tempo determinato (in genere 1 anno, rinnovabile) negli elenchi del Servizio Sanitario Nazionale della ASL del luogo dove sono domiciliati. Questo consente loro di beneficiare dell’assistenza sanitaria erogata da tutte le strutture pubbliche e convenzionate della Regione Lazio e di scegliere un medico di medicina generale di loro fiducia, sempre nella Regione Lazio. Per i non residenti questa operazione attualmente non può essere fatta on line e prevede la presentazione di un certificato di iscrizione all’università e la compilazione degli appositi moduli presso la ASL di appartenenza. 

Il tuo medico ti ha prescritto una visita specialistica?
Se il tuo medico ti ha prescritto una visita specialistica o degli esami diagnostici (ad esempio le analisi del sangue o una radiografia del torace), puoi prenotare la prestazione in due modi diversi:
telefona al Call Center del ReCup della Regione Lazio, numero verde gratuito 80 33 33, o prenota on line tramite il sito regionale dove troverai anche l’orario di attività del Call Center.
recati presso una delle 1500 farmacie private e pubbliche del Lazio e potrai anche pagare il relativo ticket.

Servizio sanitario regionale del Lazio
Call center e prenotazioni on line
Strutture pubbliche convenzionate
Farmacie della regione Lazio

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