Guidelines for International Institutional Agreements

Updated on November 5, 2021

Guidelines for drafting and renewal of new International Institutional Agreements signed by the Rector.

Please note: on October 12, 2021, and March 8, 2022, the Academic Senate approved new criteria for International Institutional Agreements, amending and supplementing the previous 2012 Guidelines.

The new criteria are set out in points g), h), and i), while the other points are the same as previous regulations.



  1. The proposal for the stipulation of an International Inter-University Agreement may be submitted by Sapienza Faculties or Departments or by a foreign University;
  2. The following and pre-existing requirements, certified and approved by a Board resolution of the proposing structure, are necessary for the stipulation of the International Agreement:
a) existing collaboration between the two institutions;
b) provable mutual benefit;
c) verifiable compliance with the regulations of the contracting countries;
d) the appointment of a scientific supervisor to be chosen exclusively within the two institutions' permanent academic staff;
e) an activity programme and a clear evaluation method;
f) a letter of interest of the partner University, signed by the Rector, the academic or administrative authority in charge.
g) equal or higher international placement (with respect to Sapienza), in the main rankings or those relating to macro-areas/subjects, and in any case within the 250th position in the QS, THE, ARWU rankings;
h) the presence of common interest shared with several Sapienza structures, which assume ownership of one or more joint projects justifying the signing of an Institutional Agreement;
i) if the stipulation of an Agreement is not in contrast with Article 1, point 6 of the Sapienza Statute: (Sapienza) "pursues its aims with respect for human dignity, pluralism of ideas and transparency of information and procedures. Sapienza" safeguards the full freedom of ideas and the expression of political, trade union and religious freedoms; it guarantees all staff and students the necessary conditions to freely express and communicate their thoughts".

Private institutions

3. New proposals for the stipulation of Agreements with private universities must be accompanied by suitable documentation proving the effective legal recognition and accreditation in the country of origin, issued by the Ministry in charge or by the Italian Embassy.

"Agreement Guidelines 2021" and "Agreement Guidelines 2012" are available, in Italian, in the "downloads" section.

Submitting a new Agreement

Necessary documentation to be sent to to the International Agreements Unit:

  • Online request form (in Italian);
  • Board resolution authorising the request;
  • A letter of interest of the partner University, signed by the Rector, the academic or administrative authority in charge, to be emailed to the International Office - International Agreements Unit within 15 days prior to March 31, June 30 and October 31 each year.

The International Agreements Unit will then verify the truthfulness and conformity of the required qualifications and submits the proposals received, also from foreign universities, to the Academic Senate for approval.



The criteria established for a new stipulation apply to renewal, i.e., shared interest with several Sapienza structures, high reputation of the partner University, sharing of Sapienza's values etc.

If the requirements mentioned above are met, the request is submitted to the Academic Senate by March 31, June 30, and October 31 each year through the International Agreements Unit, to which the necessary documentation must be sent (i.e. approval of the scientific supervisor's structure and a report on the activities carried out and those to be carried out).

If the requirements mentioned above are not met, the ongoing collaborations will be continued by the structures involved. The renewal is, in any case, subject to the sharing of Sapienza values as set out in the Statute. 

Templates for Departments and Faculties (in Italian)

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