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Sapienza University allocates its 5 x 1000 income tax credit entirely to supporting young researchers


"5 x 1000" to young researchers. Donations from taxpayers are on the rise

Sapienza University allocates its 5 x 1000 income tax credit entirely to supporting research and promoting young researchers in particular. On February 11, 2021, Sapienza's Board of Governors resolved to allocate the 2019 "5 x 1000" to research grants (resolution no. 37, February 12, 2021), for a total amount of €303,834.65. The 2019 "5 x 1000" has increased compared to 2018 when the proceeds amounted to €300,466.93. For the 2019 "5x1000" 4,408 contributors chose Sapienza compared to 4,224 in 2018. The trend is confirmed for 2020, with a total sum of 306,475.63 reported by the italian Internal Revenue Service; the amount will be allocated to research grants by resolution of the governing bodies.


What is 5x1000?

5x1000 is a portion of the Income-tax, which the Italian State allocates to provide financial support, between bodies that carry out socially relevant activities. Paying this amount is at the discretion of the citizen-payer.

Each taxpayer who makes this choice gives 5x1000 of his effective taxes to his chosen body.


You can choose to donate the 5x1000 to Sapienza stating it on your annual tax declaration

This will actively support Sapienza University Research programs.
Contributes are directed only to the research through calls for young researchers, awards, cheques and activities related to the spreading of University research.


How to donate

You can donate your 5x1000 to Sapienza writing the university tax code in the line Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e dell'Università of your tax declaration.
Sapienza’s tax code is 80209930587.


How the contributions are used

Sapienza allocates its 5 x 1000 income tax exclusively to scientific research, through research grants, scholarships, prizes and calls for proposals for young researchers, as well as through events to disseminate Sapienza's research.

Please click on the Italian version of this article for more details.


Give your contribution to the campaign

Every year Sapienza organizes a campaign to promote 5x1000 donations
You can contribute to the campaign by sharing the posters in this page, either printing them or sending them via e-mail
Test tube poster (pdf)
Book poster (pdf)
Temple poster (pdf)
Globe poster (pdf)
Computer poster (pdf)

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