High Formation and Research Apprenticeship

The High Formation and Research Apprenticeship, or Third Level, is an open, working contract aimed at young people (18-29 years old) occupation and training. It's divided in two typologies:  

- High Formation Apprenticeship: aimed at the acquisition of Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, Single Cycle Master's Degree, Masters Courses (I and II level), PhDs; 

- Research Activities Apprenticeship: amied at research activities in Companies in partnership with Sapienza, and is aimed at people who already have completeed their univeristy education. 

Provisional operating procedures for the activation of an Apprenticeship contract

1. The Placement Sector will use the Jobsoul Sapienza platform for the management and monitoring of Apprenticeship practices in the near future.
To activate an apprenticeship path, while awaiting the implementation of the Apprenticeship on the JobSoul Sapienza portal, the company can apply for an Apprenticeship Agreement by contacting the Placement Department at protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it

The Agreement has a three-year duration and is renewable. It will be made following the format in attachment (att. 1), it will have to be digitally signed by the Rector and the Legal Spokesperson of the Company and be forwarded to the Placement Sector with a self-declaration stating the candidate has the requisites stated in the Regolamento per la disciplina dell’Apprendistato di Alta Formazione e dell’Apprendistato per Attività di Ricerca subscribes by the Company legal spokesperson or his delegate, according to artt. 46 and 47 of the DPR n. 445/2000

2. The Company can require at protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it the Implementation Protocol format which will ratify the agreement with the Department providing the training required by the apprenticeship profile, subject to approval by the relevant teaching-scientific organization. The available formats are so organized:

  • High Formation Apprenticeship for Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, Single Cycle Master's Degree (attachment 2) 
  • High Formation Apprenticeship for Masters Courses (I and II level)
  • High Formation Apprenticeship for PhDs (attachment 4)
  • Research Activities Apprenticeship (attachment 5)

3.The signing of the Implementation Protocol allows the Department, also assisted by the Company, to call a specific public selection call for the profile of the apprentice identified. The minimum requirements for participation and selection are indicated in the University Regulations. For the comparative evaluation of the applications, a special Mixed Selection Committee will be set up for each Call, composed of two members of the relevant teaching-scientific body and three members of the Company.
Once the selection procedure is closed, the Department will send the following documents to protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it: Call, Call Ranking, approval of deeds, appointment of selection committee 

4. Upon receipt of the documents, the Placement sector will send the format (Annex 6) of the Individual Training Plan ( Piano formativo Individuale PFI), which allowa the start of the apprenticeship contract once signed by the Company's legal spokesperson and the Director of the Department or their delegates, and by the apprentice. The PFI will be set up by the relevant Educational-Scientific Body with the involvement of the Company. In it will be identified the training tutor and the company tutor, the internal training periods at the company and the external training periods at the University.

5. The individual dossier of the apprentice is filled in by the training tutor and the company tutor according to the format that they will have to request at protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it (Attachment 7). 

6. At the end of the apprenticeship course, no later than three months, the Department will have to communicate the outcome of the monitoring actions to the Placement sector at protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it

7. The withdrawal procedures are defined in the Regulations. The withdrawal of one of the parties from the apprenticeship contract must be promptly communicated by the apprentice, the Department or the Company to the Placement sector of the University, at protocollosapienza@cert.uniroma1.it, responsible for monitoring the companies affiliated with the University. 

For anything not expressly indicated in these operating procedures, please refer to the Apprenticeship Regulations.






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