IANUS - Inspiring and Anchoring Trust in Science, Research and Innovation

ID Call: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-44-Societal trust in science, research and innovation


Ruolo di Sapienza nel progetto: Other beneficiary

Responsabile scientifico per Sapienza: Francesca Comunello

Dipartimento: Comunicazione e ricerca sociale



Data inizio progetto: 01/06/2022

Data fine progetto: 31/05/2025


Abstract del progetto:

The IANUS project focuses on cultivating appropriate trust in science and innovation at a systemic level through institutional participation and cooperative co-development processes. IANUS’ approach in this is unique: It challenges the assertion that trust needs to be rebuilt at all cost and instead asks: when is trust and distrust well-placed? While trust is a cornerstone of cooperation in science and innovation, trust can be damaging when misplaced, as is evident in the case of scientific misconduct. Furthermore, in a climate of increasing distrust in science and innovation, IANUS takes seriously that distrust is an active stance that has the potential to propel science and innovation forward, given that distrust is well-founded and appropriate.
To cultivate well-placed trust between science and society, IANUS looks both ways: 1) strengthening high standards of research integrity and open science fostered by conducive institutional governance arrangements and policy environments, and 2) strengthening citizen and civil society’s involvement and co-ownership in co-creating R&I in order to make research more relevant and responsive to society.
IANUS draws on the expertise of a diverse set of partners from multidisciplinary backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities. It seeks to produce positive change by engaging a broad range of societal stakeholders, including XYZ, in co-creation, developing policy guidance and recommendations, and implementing innovative means of communication and education. In doing so, societal stakeholders are empowered to deal with the uncertainties, incompleteness and epistemic pluralism inherent in scientific knowledge. Researchers are enabled to foster trust in science through radical methodological change, making research inclusive, transparent and responsive to societal needs and concerns, lowering barriers between researchers and societal stakeholder.

Sapienza is involved in several WP (WP 1, WP 2, WP 4, WP5, WP6) and is WP7 leader (communication and dissemination)

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