Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe

For 2021-27, Horizon Europe will be the main financial instrument of the European Union for Research and Innovation with a financial availability of 80.9 billion euros

The programme overall objective is to create a scientific, economic and social impact through EU investment in research and innovation. It aims to strengthen the Union's scientific and technological bases and promote its competitiveness, also in its industrial sector, to achieve the Union's strategic priorities and address global challenges, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

Its specific goals are:

  • to create and disseminate new knowledge, skills, and high-quality technologies and solutions to tackle global challenges;
  • to strengthen the impact of research and innovation in elaborating, supporting and implementing EU policies while adopting innovative solutions in society and industry in order to face global challenges.
  • To promote any form of innovations, including pioneering proposals, and reinforce the market diffusion of original solutions
  • to optimise the programme implementation to achieve a greater impact within a strengthened European Research Area.

The programme is divided into the following parts:


Pillar I "Excellent Science"

Pillar "Excellent Science" will support scientific excellence by following a "bottom-up" approach, aimed at strengthening the Union's scientific leadership and developing high-quality knowledge and expertise.

Pillar I comprises the following components:

Pillar II "Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness"

Pillar II will enhance the impact of research and innovation in the development, support and implementation of EU policies and support the adoption of innovative solutions in industry and society to address global challenges.

Pillar II comprises the following components:

  • - "Health;
  • - "Inclusive and safe society";
  • - "Digital and Industry";
  • - "Climate, energy and mobility";
  • - "Food and natural resources";
  • - "Joint Research Centre (JRC)".

Within Pillar II, special attention will be given to "Missions", a limited series of high visibility missions, defined in the context of a strategic planning process, which will pursue ambitious but achievable and limited in time objectives.

The 5 Missions are

  • - Adaptation to climate change, including social transformation;
  • - Cancer;
  • - Oceans, seas and coastal and inland waters health;
  • - Smart and climate-neutral cities;
  • - Food and soil health.

The Missions are programmed under the Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness pillar, but may also benefit from actions carried out under other parts of the programme.

Pillar III "Innovative Europe"

Pillar III will promote innovation, focusing on pioneering innovations in particular, and strengthen the market uptake of innovative solutions, including through the establishment of the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Pillar III includes the following components:

  • "European Innovation Council (EIC)";
  • "European Innovation Ecosystems";
  • "European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)".

Part "Widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area"

This part of the European Horizon Programme will optimise the programme results for greater impact within a strengthened European Research Area and support activities contributing to a more innovative and knowledge-based Europe.

Pillar III comprises the following components:

  • - "Sharing excellence";
  • - "Reform and improvement of the European research and innovation system".

Please contact the Grant Office, for information on international funding opportunities and support in presenting and managing collaborative research projects in Horizon 2020.

For projects related to the ERC priority and Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions of Pillar Excellent Science, you can receive support from the Researchers Mobility and European Programmes Unit.


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