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    The Call won for exams and qualifications extabilishes two scholarships to attend courses and traineeships at foreign and international university organizations, in agreement with law 398, of November 30, 1989. 
    The sholarships last from 6 to 12 months. Students allowed to apply are Sapienza Graduated (Masters Degree -two years courses/ single cycle courses/ old system).
    The scholarships are divided according with the National University Commission (CUN in Italian) subject areas, with following identification of Single Cycle Degrees (5-6 year programme) (ante DM 509/99), Masters or Graduate Degree, Second Cycle Degree, and inter-faculties.

    The International Post-degree Scholarships are exempt from treatment. 4 of law 476/84.



    Who can apply the International Post-degree Scholarship?
    Sapienza Graduated (Masters Degree -two years courses/ single cycle courses/ old system) who haven’t completed the 29th year of age.

    When are the calls for the International Post-degree Scholarship published? 
    They are generally published every year in april/may. 

    Where can I find the Call?
    The Call can be found on the Administration Transparency Portal and on the notice board of the Right to Education Area and the Academic Programmes Area, General Services Building, Staircase C, II floor.

    Which are the requirements to apply for the International Post-degree Scholarship?  

    • Being a Sapienza graduated
    • Not having completed the 29th year of age.
    • Having received a formal invitation/ admission or acceptance from the the host foreign institution or foreign manager drafted on headed paper.

    Which traineeships can I conduct abroad?
    Courses and activities at foreign and international university organizations, outside the national territory. International students can’t do the scholarship in their native country.

    How can I contact the foreign organization? Is there a list of countries to choose from?
    There isn't a list of countries. The candidate will search for the course and training activity and will contact the foreign institute in autonomy.

    How is the competitive exam structured?
    It is for exams and qualifications.
    For every subject area there will be a Selection Board which can give a maximum of 100 point to evaluate the candidates.
    After receiving the applications, the board will reunite for the first time to determinate the selection criteria, in accordance with the regulation and guidelinea of the scholarship Call. In the same session it will express the opinion on the adequacy of the application for participation for the CUN disciplinary area; it will give a score to the Degree mark, publications and extra qualifications of the candidates to a maximum of 50 points. It will also exclude non-suitable candidates, specifying its reasons. 
    Suitable candidates will be called for a motivational interview.
    For the interview the Board will give up to 50 points. 
    Candidates who obtain less than 35 points will be considered insufficient.

    How many months can I apply for?
    The sholaships last from 6 to 12 months. 
    In the application candidates will express a preference on the duration but the final decision on the months granted to each winner is on the Selection Board.

    Can PhD students apply?
    They can. If a PhD student wins the International Post-degree Scholarship he will need to be authorized by the faculty Council to interrupt his PhD training when abroad for the International Post-degree Scholarship duration.
    If the PhD student has a scholarship for his PhD he will be allowed to use the International Post-degree Scholarship only if he renounces his PhD Scholarship.

    Can students enrolled in Specialisation Schools apply for the International Post-degree Scholarship?
    They can only if they don’t have any other scholarship and if the Specialization School Council gives permission.

    What are the CUN disciplinary areas?
    Areas which gather more different degree programmes. They shape the topics the candidates can apply for.

    Can you apply for a CUN area without having one of the foreseen degrees?
    No, applications from candidates who don’t have the required degree will be rejected.

    What should I attach to the application?
    The application envelope must contain:

    • Two copies of the degree
    •  Acceptance letter/certificate of the course or training activity from the host foreign institution;
    •  Publications and/or extra qualifications

    What must be stated on the acceptance letter/certificate of the course or training activity from the host foreign institution?
    The letter/certificate (written on headed paper, with signature and stamp of the institution) will state the training the candidate will conduct and its duration

    Where will the list of the candidates admitted to the interview will be published?
    On this page of the Administration Transparency Portal and on the notice board of the Right to Education Area. Students admitted to the interview will be also informed via email.

    Which documets must the winning candidate present?
    The winning candidate will present:

    • A self certification stating his possession of the requirements stated in the application Call, with the commitment to keep them for the whole period during which he will benefit from the scholarship.
    • A new certification from the host foreign institution stating the start and end dates of the training activity.

    Which regulation must the recipient of scholarships follow?
    Don’t benefit from other scholarship over the whole International Post-degree Scholarship duration, except from those granted by national or foreign institutions useful for integrating training with stays abroad.
    Don’t have an ISEE higher than € 7.750,00 over the year of the scholarship.

    By what date can the scholarship holder receive the scholarship?
    The winner will be able to take advantage of the scholarship starting from the day following the interview.
    The activity of specialization abroad must start, without fail, by the end of the calendar year following the one in which the competition was announced.

    In case of renunciation of the scholarship, what happens?
    The winner wishing to renounce the scholarship must declare as soon as possible their decision to allow the offices to proceed with the ranking of merit and call the candidate that follows in the ranking. If the first winner has received the first installment, he must return the sum.



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