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Network Orientation

Education and alignment of minimum knowledge requirements in English and Italian (physical and on-line lessons) to prepare high school students for admission exams to university biomedical and psychological programmes

Introduction to Medicine 

Project Presentation Conference 
November 6, 2019 – 21st edition 
Aula Magna, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Roma
See Programme (pdf)


The Project

Project Network Orientation continues successfully this year, too. 

The project includes training and realignment interventions on the minimum knowledge of Italian and English, aimed at preparing the students of the last and second last year of Secondary Secondary School to face the entrance tests to the courses of the biomedical and psychological area, and the exams of the first year of the study course. Online courses, exercises, information and useful materials are available to the students on the Moodle Sapienza platform.

Both individual students and school students who have an agreement with the Regional Scholastic Office for Lazio can access the courses.

This year the initiative has registered a further increase in Italian and foreign registered students: we currently have about 149 institutes spread over the territory of Rome, Lazio and also other Italian regions and foreign countries.

To access the coursesis required a fee of 50 euros for the biomedical area courses and 30 euros for the psychological area courses: payment must be made through a form whichcan be printed from the Infostud information system.

Project Managers: Prof. Giuseppe Familiari; Prof. Paolo Falaschi
Project Coordination: Prof. Fatima Longo

Courses for the year 2019-20

The Network Orientation project - now in its twentieth edition - offers also for the year 2018-2019 several in-attendance and on-line courses aimed at preparing students for access tests for biomedical and psychological faculties.

See Calendar and Procedures (pdf, in Italian)

Experience a university morning

The Faculty of Medicine of La Sapienza will be open to small groups of students (10-12 students a day) - selected by the schools - who will be able to attend a morning of lessons to live the university experience up close
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Further Information 

For further intformation you can send an email at orientamentoinrete@uniroma1.it

Educational coordination: Prof. Fatima Longo 06-3331813; 347 6590239
Organizational coordination: 06 33775383

Didactic Material and simulations

The Didactic Material is available on the Moodle Sapienza platform at

The platform will be active from January 28, 2019. To register for the platform, send an email to veronica.palma@uniroma1.it and a orientationinrete@uniroma1.itspecifying name, surname and email.

Informative Material

The project is structured in a winter and a summer phase:

  • WINTER PHASE (February-March 2019): online courses are scheduled with tests and tutorials in Italian and English. It's necessary to register on the Moodle platform https://elearning2.uniroma1.it/course/view.php?id=6321.
  • SUMMER PHASE (July-August 2019): for the students of the last and second-last year, the courses are available in Italian and English for all the Biomedical and Psychological Faculties in Italian and English (70 hours of Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Health Professions, Pharmacy, CTF, Biotechnology, Psychology).

Read the schedule for the year 2018-2019 (pdf)

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