Procedures and Agreement Templates for Public and Private Institutions

The public and/or private institutions interested in funding PhD additional scholarships shall send a letter of intent (usually by January 31 of each year), by which they undertake to fund such scholarships and to complete the bilateral agreement for scientific cooperation, undersigned by the parties according to Sapienza format, within April 30.


New convention formats for public and private institutions and for companies (updated as at April 08, 2020)

The new formats to fund PhD additional scholarships have been published and made available. In order to be executed, such formats, duly filled-in and undersigned by means of digital signature (preferably in PADES format) must be sent by means of certified email to

Later, within September 30, it is necessary to make the first payment provided for in the agreement and to send to the Right to Education Area:

  1. a copy of the receipt of the bank transfer relating to the first year of € 19.877,53 (in case of extended payment) or to the entire amount of € 76,834.70 (in case of a one-off payment);
  2. (only for private subjects) the suretyship of € 56.957,17 by way of guarantee of the payment for the following years (in case of extended payment).

Detail of expenses for public or private institutions to fund a PhD additional scholarship

The maximum total amount* to fund a PhD additional scholarship (whose duration is 3 years) is equal to € 76,834.70, according to the following annual breakdown:

Detail of expenses – PhD scholarship


 € 15.343,28 

(A) amount of scholarship (Ministerial Decree no. 40/2018)

22.82% INPS* rate on the amount of the scholarship

 € 3.501,34

(B) Law no. 335/95, art 2, paragraph 26

Contribution to operation

 € 1.032,91

(C) contribution to the use of Sapienza facilities

10% for research in Italy and abroad

(not provided for in the first year of the programme)

€ 1.534,33

(D) Ministerial Decree no. 45/2013

Annual total

€ 21.411,86

For the first year alone, the total is lower and amounts to € 19,877.53




50% increase for stays abroad (travels)



Maximum amount of the surcharge

 € 11.507,46

(E) Ministerial Decree no. 45/2013

22,82% INPS* rate on the amount of travels

 € 2.625,99

(E) maximum amount with refund of the not enjoyed residual amount (Law no. 335/95, art 2, paragraph 26)

Total increase

€ 14.133,45

To be paid close to the departure at the request of the Settore Diritto allo Studio

Total amount of doctoral scholarship (annual amount x 3 + increase)

€ 76.834,70

Maximum amount

* changes in the INPS rate excepted

The payment of the amounts as specified above shall be made by means of bank transfer according to the following modalities:It is pointed out that, starting from January 1, 1999, PhD scholarships are subject to the payment of INPS contribution for separate management fund provided for by art. 2, paragraph 26, of Law no. 335/95. The 2020 INPS rate has been fixed at 34.23%, out of which 2/3 is to the charge of the Administration (22.82% rate as shown in the table) and 1/3 is to the charge of the beneficiary.

1) for Private Institutions: bank transfer in favour of Università Sapienza di Roma – institution code 9001778 - IBAN code IT71I0200805227000400014148, BIC SWIFT code: UNCRITM1153;

2) for Public Institutions (subject to Tesoreria Unica): bank transfer to Tesoreria Provinciale dello StatoContabilità speciale presso la Banca d'Italia T. U. 37162;

and shall be communicated by email to

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