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Protocol and Special Events Office

Protocol and Special Events Office

The activities of the Protocol and Special Events Office include:

  • Organisation and coordination of institutional Sapienza University events and ceremonies (inauguration of the academic year, presentation of honoris causa degrees, visits by foreign delegations, welcome to new employees), conferences and congresses with authorities, and events to which the Rector is invited, in coordination, as necessary, with the CREA Centre, the International Office and the Communications Office – Press Office and Communications Sector;
  • Manage university patronage;
  • Manage obituaries and institutional telegrams.

Event Booking Form

Sapienza Patronage and Logo

Sapienza University provides free patronage for significant cultural, social, scientific, artistic and sports activities organised both in Italy and abroad. All events with commercial objectives, even indirect, are excluded.

Sapienza University allows the use of its logo for activities that have received patronage and based on partnership agreements.

Patronage requests must be presented on letterhead of the requesting organisation, undersigned by the event manager or the legal representative of the organisation and should be addressed to:

Sapienza Università  di Roma, Cerimoniale 
P.le Aldo Moro, 5 00185 Roma


Applications for patronage should contain a brief description of the initiative, including the following information:

  • Name and last name of the event promoter, address, telephone number and e-mail, as well as professional title and role played in the specific event; requesting institution: address, telephone number, e-mail, web site;
  • Place, date(s) and time where the event will be held;
  • Detailed programme indicating participant and speaker targets, contents, objectives and timing;
  • Indication (and proof) of patronage (or application requests) by other organisations;
  • Declaration of applicant (physical person) or legal representative of the applying organisation indicating that the event is not-for-profit, not even indirectly;
  • Declaration of applicant (physical person) or legal representative of the applying organisation vouching for the conformity to fact of all the presented information as established by Art. 76 DPR 445/2000.

Applications must be made no less than 2 months before the planned events and must include all the information and documentation necessary to evaluate the request.

Digital documents and attachments must be signed and presented in PDF format. They must not be password-protected, and the name of the file must include the object of the document. No other digital formats are accepted.

All documents and attachments submitted in hard copy by mail and should not exceed 5-6 pages.

Applications that do not respect the points above will not be evaluated.

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