QA Education

Sapienza Quality and Assurance Presidum cares about Education  both for what concerns the AVA system and to communicate models and procedures. 

The Quality and Assurance Presidum meets periodicallywith the Sapienza Quality Insurance System.


The In-Formazione meeting, on February 20, 2017, on the news in the decree n. 987/2016, in which participated the Rector.

The meeting on July 19, 2017, on the compilation of the Monitoring Forms and on the self-assessment of the CdS on the basis of the Requisite R3;

The meeting on March 15, 2018, on the compilation of the 2018 Cyclical Review and the Guide to the compilation of the Teaching Sheets;

The training project  for the year 2018, for first-time professors, and professors interested in learning and testing innovative and quality teaching methods with the purpose of forming and consolidating a community of professors-tutors who will be spokespersons and  vehicles for their reference community as well as valorizers and active support in all phases of the development of the project and the Training Day for the student representatives on the topics of Self-assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation on September 26 2018.

The latest University meetings, starting from 2016 are listed in the box on the right.


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