pannelli fotovoltaici alla Sapienza

Sapienza Energy Plan (PES)

From 8 June 2017, Sapienza University of Rome adopted the Environment and Energy Strategic Plan (PES) with the aim of identify, during the short and middle term, actions in order to increase energetic efficiency, renewables use and to reduce cost and pollution. Between the interventions lines associated to PES, the short term (2020) actions are highlighted in the Energetic Implementation Plan (PAE), which is a scheduling instrument that defines all the actions that orient Sapienza to the energetic and environmental middle term aims.

PES - Environment and Energy Strategic Plan of Sapienza:

  • Referenced normative contest, made up of a collection and analysis environmental contest information connected with energy
  • Baseline of finale energetic use, made up of data connected with the final use of energy, divided on University main campus and external branches. It has been considered in final use of energy the heating/cooling for buildings and for transport
  • 2030’s aim, it has been identified short period (2020) and average period (2030) aims
  • Instruments for energetic efficiency and renewable sources, identifying energetic areas of interest and productive models
  • Actions for reduce final energetic use with a summary scheme of the proposed actions, the relative term of realization and the cost involved in each activity
  • Coordination with other local planning, treating the sustainable mobility proposed and the recycling circle
  • Founding for PES actions, imposing the guideline for efficient energetic and renewables use action that can create the necessary conditions in order to access to the community founds
  • Plan’s monitoring by defining and verifying environmental and energetic markers
  • Education offer and international ranking, defining development line for education offer connected with sustainable and identify the necessary data to be insert in international ranking

PAE - Energetic Implementation Plan of Sapienza:

  • Energetic requalification of existing buildings in order to reduce energy consumption
  • Agreement for technical and normative upgrade of air-conditioning plant with replacement of obsolete machines and accessories
  • Installation of photovoltaic plants in buildings roof for electric energy’s production
  • Installation of cogeneration plants in order to consolidate an energy’s autonomy for the university main campus
  • Rationalize of electric transformation and distribution to improve the efficiency in the electric distribution due to the renovate done
  • Buildings energy management system to realize an implementation program of a buildings energy management system in the middle term
  • Installation of LED Lighting to reduce energy consumption
  • Preliminary actions to do in accordance with the Environmental and Energy Strategic Plan of Sapienza (PES)


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