UNICORE - University Corridors for Refugees

UNICORE 4.0 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS (Deadline: May 29, 2022)
Now open to candidates from Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe


The UNICORE project - University Corridors for Refugees project, promoted by UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, was created to give refugee students in African territories the opportunity to continue their academic career at Italian universities. Now in its fourth edition - and for this reason defined UNICORE 4.0 - the project offers young refugees, often unable to continue their studies in the country where they found protection, the opportunity to obtain visas for study purposes in third countries.

The initiative, born in 2019 to allow refugee students in Ethiopia to arrive in Italy with a regular and safe path to continue their studies, has experienced the increasing participation of Italian universities over the years. Since 2021, with resolution no. 281 of 10 December 2020 of the Academic Senate, Sapienza has also joined the initiative by providing 2 scholarships for two refugee students in Ethiopia. In 2022, with resolution no. 53/22 of 8 March 2022, the Academic Senate allowed Sapienza to join UNICORE 4.0 in order to receive four refugee students in Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The project stands out for its inclusive dimension, thanks above all to a wide network of territorial partners who support students in entering academic life and integrating into the local social fabric. In particular, Caritas, Diaconia Valdese and Centro Astalli actively participate in the project, as well as a large number of other international and local actors.

The benefits enjoyed by students arriving in Italy thanks to this initiative are many and range from the monthly scholarship provided by Sapienza to orientation and academic tutoring activities, to free local transport and accommodation, teaching material, computers, telephones, SIM cards, legal assistance, listening spaces, pocket money, etc.

The requirements for applying are described in the calls that each of the participating universities publishes on the basis of an agreed format. Each university offers a certain number of study courses from its own academic offer.

The call, available in the Attachments section, will remain open from April 1 to May 29, 2022 and the publication of the selection results, made on the basis of required certificates and online interview, is scheduled for June 2022. The application form must be submitted exclusively by email following the instructions and using the application form provided in the call.

Presenting any fraudulent school certificates or university diplomas is a crime. All the documents that you submit will be carefully checked by experts. Should you present fraudulent documents there will be serious consequences including your disqualification from this and other opportunities. UNHCR may also report the incident to the police authorities. 


Students can apply for the following 13 programmes:

1. MSc Business Management 

For specific information check here https://web.uniroma1.it/dip_management/didattica/corsi-di-laurea-magistrale/management-delle-imprese-manimp   

or write to: internationalstudents-eco@uniroma1.it

2. MSc Economics and Communication for Management Innovation 

For specific information please visit our Department website https://web.uniroma1.it/dip_management/economia-e-comunicazione-il-management-e-l-innovazione-ecomi-lingua-inglese/economia-e-comunicazione 
or write to: internationalstudents-eco@uniroma1.it  

3. MA English and Anglo-American Studies 
More info: englishangloamericanstudies.lm37@uniroma1.itiolanda.plescia@uniroma1.itirene.ranzato@uniroma1.it

4. MA Mediterranean Archeology 
More info: medarch.dsa@uniroma1.itpaolo.carafa@uniroma1.it   

5. MSc Architecture (Conservation) 
Programme's website: https://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/en/corso/2021/30815/home 
More info: architectureconservation@uniroma1.it   

6. MSc Computer Science 
More info: info-computer-science-degrees@di.uniroma1.itcasalicchio@di.uniroma1.it;  

7. Msc Development and International Cooperation Sciences 
More info: magistralicoris@uniroma1.it 

8.    MSc Electronics Engineering 
More info: ingegneria_elettronica.lm29@uniroma1.itantonio.dalessandro@uniroma1.itpaolo.burghignoli@uniroma1.it 

9. MSc Genetics and Molecular Biology 
More info: prisca.ornaghi@uniroma1.it  

10. MSc Product and Service Design 
More info: https://web.uniroma1.it/msproductdesign/ 
or write to: msproductdesign@uniroma1.it

11. MSc Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage 
For further information, please check out the official website: https://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/en/corso/2021/28702/home . 
More info: scienzebc@uniroma1.it    

12.  MSc Nanotechnology Engineering 

All the details and info here: web.uniroma1.it/nano/en   
More info: ingegneria_nanotecnologie.lm53@uniroma1.it   

13.  MSc Design, Multimedia and Visual Communication 
More info: carlo.martino@uniroma1.it  



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