Visiting Professors 2020


Prof. Albert Roca Alvarez

Prof. Albert Roca Alvarez - Univerisity of Lleida

Department of History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts  – Visiting Professor from 28/06/2021 to 26/09/2021

Host Professor: Prof. Giuseppe Schirripa

The main goal of the Dr. Roca's stage is to deepen previous collaborations (in the context or the network SACUDA, "Salus, Cultures and Development in Africa") and open new synergies in the study of the role of medical pluralism in Africa, taking account of efficacies and of connections between health and governance. Adopting a longue durée diachronic approach, the common analysis points to adaptations, continuities, inertia and ruptures with respect to the colonial legacy in the field of health, as a key factor in a more general line of research on local knowledge (LK , IK). Some subjects will be: 1) the role of the constitution and evolution of tropical medicine in Africa; 2) the influence of Christian missions in the conception of health/disease dichotomy and in therapeutic praxis; 3) the adaptability of traditions as providing remedies and health governance. The common work wants to be a contribution to the study of global health (ODS3) in its necessary -though often denied- diversity. The Covid19 scenario has dramatically revealed this need and it will be a reference in all the common work. Three seminars are planned to be held during the month of September.


prof. MuscarellaProf. Robert Muscarella - Uppsala University

Department of Environmental Biology – Visiting Professor from 15/04/2021 to 15/07/2021

Host Professor: Prof.ssa Laura Parducci

The main purpose is to collaborate on joint research interests between Prof. Muscarella and Prof. Parducci, Burrascano and Ricotta form the dept of Environmental Biology. The overarching objective of their joint research is to study how plant species geographic distributions shift in response to environmental change as this has critical relevance for understanding current patterns of biodiversity and implications of climate change. Prof. Muscarella will also host a 2-3 day workshop or short course for PhD students covering the theoretical and practical aspects of species distribution modeling.

Prof. Uğurcan Eroğlu - İzmir University of Economics

Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering – Visiting Professor from 11/10/2021 to 08/01/2022

Host Professor: Giuseppe Ruta

Prof. Eroglu will expand the ongoing research collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Ruta at Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering on modelling and identification of damages in curved rods; as well as their vibration response under pre-loads, and stability. In addition, they will initiate a study on non-local elasticity, which will contribute to the analysis of micro- and nano-sized structural elements. Prof. Eroglu will also co-tutor for graduate courses and workshops on theoretical and numerical structural mechanics.


Prof. Tahira Probst - Washington State University Vancouver

Department of Psychology– Visiting Professor from 16/06/2021 to 15/07/2021

Host Professor: Prof.ssa Laura Petitta

During her visit for research in in Sapienza Prof. Tahira Probs will conduct a cross-country (Italy & USA) examination of: 1) how alternative work arrangements (e.g., smart working) affect employees’ social distancing behaviors, exposure to the virus, and experienced levels of economic stress (e.g., financial strain, job insecurity, unemployment episodes), 2) the extent to which smart working moderates the relationship between economic stressors and work-family conflict (WFC), 3) the extent to which WFC may adversely impact safety outcomes (e.g., safety compliance, accidents and injuries), and 4) the differential role played by regional-level differences (e.g., Covid-19 infection rate, unemployment rate).


Prof. Koray Aydin - Northwestern University

Depatment of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering – Visiting Professor from18/06/2021 to 21/07/2021
Host Professor: Maria Cristina Larciprete

Prof. Koray Aydin is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Northwestern University and he is the leader of the research group Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab (MNDL). Prof. Koran Aydin will collaborate with Prof. Maria Cristina Larciprete's lab at the Basic and Applied Engineering Sciences Department at Sapienza University of Rome, to work on their ongoing research project, related to polaritonic and phase-change materials for applications at mid-IR wavelengths.


Prof. Elena Kosygina - Baruch College and the CUNY Graduate Center
Department of Mathematics "Guido Castelnuovo" – Visiting Professor from 14/06/2021 to 15/07/2021
Host Professor: Prof. Andrea Davini

Mathematical description of a microscopically non-homogeneous medium or structure often involves partial differential equations with rapidly oscillating coefficients. The goal is to rigorously show that a large number of small microscopic changes averages out and the structure can be well described by an ``effective'', or averaged, equation with non-oscillating non-random coefficients. Prof. Elena Kosygina will collaborate with Prof. Andrea Davini at the Department of Mathematics on a project which concerns homogenization of some classes of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations in random media. 

They will explore the effect of non-convexity of the Hamiltonian on homogenization in stationary ergodic random media.


Gómez Martínez Vidal, Gruppo Ricerca HUM700 Patrimonio y Desarrollo Urbano Territorial de Andalucía, Università di Siviglia
Visiting Professor from 11/01/2021 to 11/04/2021

Dipartimento di Storia, disegno e restauro dell’architettura

The purpose of the study is to deepen the most recent investigation experiences on popular domestic architecture, analyzing the tools and methodology according to the different cases; Evaluate the potential of new technologies applied to the research of popular domestic architecture, taking into account their feasibility in terms of technical and economic resources; Explore the possibilities of applying these technologies on a large scale, trying to establish a typical methodology based on simple tools - preferably based on open source - which allows the systematic research of this architecture with an adequate level of precision.


Prof.ssa Cristina Ruggero, Zentralinstitut fur Kunstgeschichte

Visiting Professor from 11/01/2021 to 10/04/2021

Dipartimento di Storia Antropologia Religione Arte Spettacolo

The research, carried out jointly with Prof. Pierguidi, investigates the figure of the architect Filippo Juvarra (Messina 1678- Madrid 1736), addressing his role of artist and cultural intermediary in early-eighteenth-century Europe. The purpose of Dr Ruggero’s visit is to complete a monograph on Filippo Juvarra’s album Drawings of Ideal Perspective preserved at the Kupferstich-Kabinett in Dresden, a collection of 41 sheets that Juvarra, as the earliest architect of the Savoy court, dedicated in 1732 to Augustus the Strong. Alongside allowing us to outline a peculiar episode of artistic self-promotion, Juvarra’s album offers an interesting perspective on an hitherto unknown diplomatic enterprise, which involved the courts of Turin, Rome, and Dresden.


Prof. Junji Tsuchiya – Waseda University, Japan
Visiting Professor invited by Prof. Matilde Mastrangelo

Junji Tsuchiya is full-professor of General sociology at Waseda University. He served as a visiting professor at many domestic and foreign universities, and specializes in sociology, especially in the fields of collective behavior, social change, sociology of disaster and Science and Technology Studies (STS) in addition to the Japanese studies and the international brand marketing studies. 

As the collective behavior studies, he does a lot of fieldwork on human behavior in local communities before, after and during disasters. This series of disaster field studies contribute to the theoretical studies of social change in emergencies. On the other hand, as a slower pattern of social change, he is also conducting many sociological studies of fashion phenomena. Especially in this research field, he has developed joint research with Italian universities and has published numerous works. In the international brand marketing research, he takes the interactionist approach to analyze the dynamic processes of brand marketing to argue the social responsibility of luxury brands in the global market settings. Regarding the sociology of science and technology, he is investigating the impact of science and technology on social culture from the perspective of the new interdisciplinary field called Kansei (affecting) engineering [], in which he pursues the feasibility of building a human-friendly social environment that enhances human sensibilities and enriches sociocultural sustainability.


Prof. Angela Ida De Benedictis – Paul Sacher Stiftung
Visiting Professor from 18/11/2020 to 18/12/2020 invited by Prof. Franco Piperno.

The aim of Prof. Angela Ida De Benedictis’s visit is to provide students of the degree course in Musicology with lessons dedicated to cultured music of the late twentieth century. In particular we will analyze cases of the author's philology and reconstruction of the creative process, paying attention to the relationship between music and technology and the use of technology in creative and analytical processes.

Prof. Angela Ida De Benedictis:


Prof. Eirik Bjorge – University of Bristol
Visiting Professor from 01/04/2020 to 30/04/2020 invited by Prof. Enzo Cannizzaro.

The aim of Prof. Eirik Bjorge’s visit is a research for a book on the general principles of law. The thesis of the book project is that, whereas international law has traditionally drawn on private law principles of domestic law, it has not drawn much on public law principles and that this ought to change if international law is to keep up with developments in international life.


Prof. Erwin Topp –  Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Visiting Professor from 08/01/2020 to 07/04/2020 invited by prof. Giulio Galise.

The aim of the visit is to study further properties of degenerate elliptic fractional operators, as a nonlocal counterpart of the so-called truncated Laplacian in the second-order setting.



Prof. Youen Kim –  Hanyang University
Hanyang University. Visiting Professor from 16/11/2020 to 11/01/2021 invited by prof. Antonietta Bruno

The main purpose of the visit is to provide lectures for the students of the Korean Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies at La Sapienza University intensively. The lectures will be two subjects, Korean Politics, and Inter-Korean Relations and East Asia intensively for a month. The course of Korean politics aims at improving students’ abilities to understand and analyze Korean Politics on domestic and international levels. The course of Inter-Korean Relations and East Asia aims at elevating students’ understanding of the Korean unification issue and the differences between North and South Korean unification policies, and relations with the surrounding powers.



Prof.ssa Izabela Wagner – Collegium Civitas
Visiting Professor from 02/01/2020 to 31/03/2021 invited by prof. Silvia Castaldi.

Prof. Izabela Wagner’s visit aims at teaching a course titled: “Sociology of Migration: from limbo class to transnational professionals qualitative research methods”.



Prof. Mauro Antezza – University of Montpellier
Visiting Professor from 03/04/2020 to 03/05/2020 invited by prof. Marco Cantini

The aim of Prof. Mauro Antezza’s visit, following an invitation by prof. Marco Cantini of the Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering, is to participate in a theoretical study on fluctuational electrodynamics and radiative heat transfer. Prof Antezza is considered an important expert in the field of heat exchange problems and in the study of the effects due to the contribution of the environment. The joint research work is mainly oriented towards the realization of a theoretical and numerical model for the study of real structures placed on dielectric substrates.



Prof.ssa Debra Laskin – Rutgers University
Visiting Professor from 22/01/2020 to 30/06/2020 invited by prof. Rita Businaro.

The purpose of my visit is to expand an ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Rita Businaro in the Dept of Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies. The goal is to investigate interactions between activated macrophages (MP) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) during the pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis. Experiments are performed to determine if MSC develop into myofibroblasts in response to activated MP; if myofibroblast development is mediated by MP-derived extracellular vesicles; and if blocking activated MP alters MSC differentiation and fibrogenesis. Results will provide novel data on the role of MP in MSC differentiation and function and will be jointly published by investigators from Rutgers and Sapienza University.



Prof. Stéphane Viel – Aix-Marseille University
Visiting Professor from 25/06/2020 to 24/07/2020 invited by prof. Luisa Mannina.

The purpose of Prof. Stéphane Viel’s visit, following an invitation by Prof. Luisa Mannina of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, is to carry out a research on the study of the mechanism of action of nanohydrogels that are used as biocompatible, non-toxic and non-immunogenic drug delivery systems. The main objective is the determination of their molecular structure and the study of the dynamics of the complexes they form with specific drugs, in order to clarify their activity and release efficiency.



Prof.ssa Francesca Bartolini – Columbia University

Visiting Professor from 01/04/2020 to 01/05/2020 invited by prof. Silvia Di Angelantonio.

This project stems from the convergence of different expertise to characterize the dynamic behavior of the microtubule cytoskeleton in activated microglia cells in physiological and pathological conditions.




Prof. Michel M. Chipot – University of Zurich Institute of Mathematics
Visiting Professor from 02/05/2019 to 02/06/2019  invited by prof. Sandra Carillo.

Progresses in our joint research project concerning study of analytical problems arising in elasticity, viscoelasticity and magneto-viscoelasticity.




Prof. Ribot Magali – Université d'Orléans
Visiting Professor from 15/02/2020 to 04/11/2020 invited by prof. Gabriella Puppo.

The purpose of Prof. Magali’s visit is to study hyperbolic systems of conservation or balance laws and we will concentrate on the numerical approximation of these systems on networks. This issue has many application fields, for example in water channels, in gas pipelines, in traffic, in blood vessel networks or in biology.



Prof. Sergio Baranzini – University of California San Francisco
Visiting Professor from 15/06/2020 to 25/07/2020 invited by prof. Marco Salvetti.

The main purpose of my visit to La Sapienza is to initiate a collaboration with the group of Prof. Marco Salvetti on the molecular pathways confering risk to multiple sclerosis (MS), by bringing together expertise from our laboratories to build an accurate model of genetic risk for MS using existing population data and highly curated viral interactomes. The purpose is the development of an analytical pipeline to integrate viral and other candidates interactomes with genetic data at the population level to create individualized risk profiles.



Prof. Claudio Cannistrà – Centre Universitaire Hospitaliere Bichat C.B. Paris
Visiting Professor from 03/02/2020 to 28/02/2020 invited by prof. Massimo Monti.

The aim of the visit is the exchange of surgical experiences between Center Universitaire Hospitaliere Bichat C.B. of Paris and Sapienza University of Rome to achieve the standardization of a surgical procedure for breast reconstructive surgery based on techniques of regenerative medicine and surgery. During this period, a research project is developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Medicine and the Bichat C.B. on the biological mechanisms that cause the alterations of breast implants implanted on humans.



Prof. Shaho Zarei – University of Kurdistan (UOK)
Visiting Professor from 20/02/2020 to 20/05/2020 invited by prof. Giovanna Jona Lasinio.

Prof. Shaho Zarei was invited by Prof. Giovanna Jona Lasinio at the Department of Statistical Sciences. Research’s main focus is the Clustering, Small Area Estimation and alpha-Stable Distributions, in collaboration with Prof. Serena Arima. During this visiting, some seminars related to the model-based clustering and applications of alpha-stable distributions are held for PhD students.


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