1.    Payments in six instalments. In the event of proven and documented disadvantaged financial conditions (attested by the 2020 ISEE declaration for the right to academic education) and of outstanding fees exceeding € 1,500 (tuition fees due for academic years preceding the 2020-2021 academic year), Sapienza may consider allowing the payment of outstanding fees in up to six instalments.

2.    Payments in twelve instalments. In the event of considerably huge amounts, Sapienza may consider allowing the payment of outstanding fees in up to twelve instalments.

3.    How to submit the application. The application for paying by instalments must be submitted within the deadlines indicated for each procedure (i.e., career resumption, ECTS recognition in case of students exceeding the standard term to achieve the degree and so on). The application must be submitted on stamped paper from the students’ institutional email account to the email address of the reference Student Affairs Office, by using the “Domanda” form, available at in the “Student Forms” section. Before submitting the application, students must check whether their valid identity document has been correctly uploaded on Infostud in the Profile>Personal Documents section.

4.         Restrictions. The amounts due for the 2020-2021 academic year cannot be paid by instalments. Students who, though having been entitled to payment by instalments, do not make such payments within the prescribed deadlines, will forfeit such benefit. Any exams taken during payment by instalments will be recorded conditionally and validated only after payments have been fully settled.

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