1.    Self-certifications. Students can issue self-certifications both about their academic degree and the list of exams taken, except when submission of certificates is expressly required, in particular for educational activities carried out abroad. (Presidential Decree no. 445/2000 and further amendments).

2.    Verification of self-certifications. In the event that students submit self-certifications, the procedure relating to the self-certification will be suspended until the truthfulness of such statements has been verified. Such confirmation must come from the Institution that holds the self-certified data (i.e., INPS, Municipalities, other universities and so on).

3.    Certificates downloadable from Infostud. It is possible to print from Infostud, without going to the Student Office, certificates attesting enrolment, the exams taken, graduation, the standard term of the degree programme for redemption of years of study for pension purposes. Degree certificates with the list of the exams taken are available on Infostud only for students who achieved their degree from the 2004-2005 academic year on. Degree certificates without the list of exams taken, on the contrary, are available for all students who graduated after 1990.

4.   Digital stamp. Infostud affixes a digital stamp on certificates that gives them the same legal value as that of certificates issued by the Student Office and that enables the requesting body to verify its truthfulness.

Students must place a stamp duty on the certificate printed from Infostud.

5.    Certificates requested from the Student Office. Certificates that cannot be downloaded from Infostud can be requested from the Student Office also verbally, by taking a valid ID document and a stamp duty. Certificates issued at the front desk can be exclusively delivered to the person concerned or to an authorised representative, provided with a proxy of the concerned student, with his/her own ID document and a copy of the latter’s.

6.    Certificates valid abroad. To obtain a certificate translated and/or valid abroad, students may request from the Student Office a certificate on stamped paper to be valid abroad (undersigned by an authorised Sapienza official whose signature has been filed with the Prefecture); may request on their own initiative the legalisation of their certificate from the Prefecture to use it abroad; may have diplomas and certificates translated by a sworn translator registered with the Register of Translators in the Italian Courts or with the lists of sworn translators of the Consulates or Embassies of the countries of destination. In some cases, the Diploma Supplement referred to in paragraph 7 of this article could be requested.

7.    Diploma supplement. For degree programmes belonging to the academic system pursuant to Ministerial Decrees no. 509/99 and 270/04, Sapienza University issues, as an additional certificate to each degree, a document including extra information about the students’ academic career, in compliance with the EU standards. The Diploma Supplement is issued in Italian and in English only for graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes and may be requested free of charge from the Student Office. The Diploma Supplement requested for use abroad will include the university’s stamp and the signature of the official in charge.

8.   Ban on certificate issue. Students may be issued certificates including information on their academic career if their payments for tuition fees, additional fees for late payments and regional tax are up to date.

Students who fail to pay tuition fees within the prescribed deadlines will not be allowed to request certificates until they regularise their payments, nor may they submit the relating self-certifications to any third parties.

9.    Payments. Students who carried out a “de facto” suspension from studies at Sapienza University, a withdrawal from studies or who exceeded the standard term to achieve the degree and who request a certificate of studies on stamped paper from the Student Office, must also pay a € 5.16 administrative fee for each certificate requested. Administrative fees have to be bought at the Bursar’s Office.

10.   Verification of the degree and academic career by any third-party bodies. If students appoint any third parties (foreign universities, agencies for degree recognition abroad and so on) to acquire data relating to their academic career and/or to the achievement of their degree from this University, they must undersign a written authorisation for the third party, by attaching a copy of a valid ID document, as well as a disclaimer for this university by using the form available at

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