Academic Programmes Evaluation

Academic Programmes Evaluation 

This page includes the University Evaluation Committee Reports (in italian, NVA) that Sapienza drafts yearly, for the process of activation of the study courses for their insertion in the University educational offer.


According to the combined provisions of Legislative Decree (27 January 2012), n. 19 and of the Ministerial Decree (12 December 2016) n. 987, the accreditation is granted by the MIUR to the Universities, to their possible seconded Offices and to the Study Courses.

The verification of the effectiveness of the QA system developed and applied by the internal assessment and self-assessment actors required by Law 240 (December 30 2010), by Legislative Decree no. 19/2012 and by the D.M. 987/2016 provides for the involvement of:

  • Evaluation Unit
  • Joint Teaching-Student Committee
  • Departments and Study Courses (self-assessment)

With regard to the accreditation procedures of the Locations and the CdS, pursuant to the D.M. n. 987/2016, the Evaluation Units perform the following functions:

  • Express a binding opinion to the University on the possession of the requirements for initial accreditation for the purpose of establishing new study courses;
  • Verify the correct functioning of the QA system and provide support to the ANVUR and the MIUR in monitoring compliance with the initial and periodic accreditation requirements of the courses and the offices;
  • Provide support to the University's governing bodies and to the ANVUR in monitoring the results achieved with regard to the indicators for periodic evaluation, as well as to the University in developing further indicators for achieving the objectives of its strategic planning, also on the basis indicators identified by the CPDS.

For already activated courses the Evaluation Committee evaluates the correct drafting of Cycle Review Reports, Reports of the Teaching-Student Joint Commissions, SUA for Study Courses and SUA-RD in line with the international guidelines and the law addresses focusing on:

  • Quality and efficacy of the University Didactic Programmes 
  • Research activity;
  • Management of staff and structures 
  • impartiality and good progress of administrative action.

The Evaluation Unit draws up an annual Evaluation Report according to the Guidelines issued by the ANVUR, which gives an account of the respect of the QA, of the measures taken by the University in relation to the CdS considered "anomalous" based on monitoring, as well as initiatives hired to promote quality. In general, in the Report the Evaluation Unit acquires and eventually integrates the ANVUR data of the monitoring on the CdS and evaluates the CdS.


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