Risk prevention and management of COVID-19 at Sapienza (P011_C) 

Airborne infectious diseases (P011_C): this page, subject to continuous updates, contains indications for risk prevention and management of COVID-19 at Sapienza University

PHASE 3: Let’s restart safely!

Prevention and protection measures for PHASE 3 [01.09.2020 Updates].

For a safe resumption of all in-person activities, the Security Offices, together with our COVID-19 Task Force, have developed the prevention and protection measures set out in the following documents. For the latest Italian updates, please visit the Italian version of this page:

  1. Sapienza Workplaces and spaces: C007-20 - Phase 3 - Fase 3 - Misure di Prevenzione e Protezione per la ripresa delle attività in presenza, rev 00 del 08.08.2020 - (Prot. N. 58990 del 01.09.2020) in Italian 
  2. In-person educational activities: Phase 3 Vademecum sulle misure di prevenzione e protezione per le attività di didattica in aula, C008-20 rev 00 del 25.08.2020 - (Prot. N. 58990 del 01.09.2020) in Italian 
  3. Exams, Internships, Workshops and LibrariesVademecum sulle misure di prevenzione e protezione per le attività di cui al DPCM del 26/04/2020, C005/20 rev 01 del 27.07.2020 - (Prot n. 56049 del 06/08/2020) in Italian 

Compliance with the provisions set out in the documents listed above is mandatory as per articles 18, 19 and 20 of LD. 81/08 and subsequent modifications and additions.

Follow the rules without being checked!

Prevention and protection measures are not advice; they are obligations to protect your wellbeing and that of others. 

Your health and that of many others, depends on your responsible behaviour!


Read “Safety at Sapienza in four steps” 

Sapienza University contact person for COVID-19 

For urgent information about COVID-19 cases at the University, please contact the COVID Contact Person at altavigilanza.ssl@uniroma1.it, (Mobile) 334 113 0058, (Landline) 06 4969 4176.

Face masks mandatory outdoors 

As per Lazio Region decree - 01/10/2020, pursuant to art. 32, paragraph 3, of Law no. 833 of 23 December 1978 on hygiene and public health, as of today and until further notice, it is mandatory to wear face masks in outdoor spaces across the region, during the whole day.

How to access Sapienza

Useful Numbers

  • 1500 (toll-free number): Ministry oh Health Call Center, national number 1500 to report COVID-19 cases
  • 800.118.800 (toll-free number): Prevention Department of the local health authority; to report contacts with suspicious cases or for people coming from epidemic areas.
  • 112: national number to report all the situations previously mentioned

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