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Architectural and Sensory Accessibility


Sapienza University is committed to providing disabled students with accessibility to all university services.

Many buildings have undergone renovation to allow greater accessibility, but not all barriers have been eliminated to date because of the sheer size of the university, as well as cultural heritage restrictions that have often made it hard to achieve a correct balance between conservation and accessibility.

Architectural and sensory barriers are defined as: 

-      Physical obstacles that cause problems to the mobility of individuals and especially those who for various reasons have either reduced motor capabilities or a permanent or temporary impediment;

  • Obstacles that limit or block individuals from safely and comfortably enjoying spaces, devices and components;
  • Lack of means and warnings that allow for orientation and identification of areas and sources of danger, especially for sight and hearing-impaired individuals.

There are three levels to area quality:

Accessibility - this is the highest level and means that all areas are fully usable by everyone.

Partial accessibility this is a limited accessibility level to a given area of a building or real estate unit, but which allows even individuals with reduced motor or sensory capabilities to enjoy most fundamental relations.

Adaptability– this is a low level of quality, due to the original project, which can however be adapted and made accessible in time.


Sapienza for Everyone

Motor, sensory and relational accessibility is a right.

By definition, a public structure must be accessible to everyone.

Architectural and sensory barriers limit the ability of individuals with temporary or permanent difficulties to move freely and enjoy relations with others in a social context.

Duties of the Accessibility Manager 

Remove barriers –to assess and improve accessibility, partial accessibility and use.

Collaborate, plan and schedule –to monitor the accessibility of university buildings and the removal of architectural and sensory barriers, in collaboration with the Construction Sector, in order to improve accessibility.

Map the accessibility of all university buildings –to keep an updated document (paper, web, etc.).

Participate in round tables– to kick off shared processes with technical and construction personnel, the Rector’s Delegate for Disabled Students and Students with Learning Disabilities, and students with disabilities.

Duties towards Students

Promote active participation in all lessonsand all university activities by identifying solutions concerning internal mobility and logistics.

Propose innovative projects forindividuals with disabilities.

Act as an interfacewith disabled students and the university technical service to report critical issues and propose efficient solutions.

Duties concerning Raising Awareness about Accessibility

Communicating with students, academic staff, and technical, administrative and library, also to communicate any critical issues.

We invite you to complete the Form for Reporting Architectural and Sensory Barriers (see below). The form can also be completed by visitors.

Form for Reporting Architectural and Sensory Barriers 

As with all university communications, Sapienza recommends the use of your university account.

The form has both obligatory and optional fields. Obligatory fields include: e-mail, location, address, description of the architectural or sensory barrier, and your name and last name. You can attach a photo in the optional fields.

Moreover, you can insert your university position (student; professor; technical, administrative or library personnel, or visitor), your code or student number and your phone number.

If necessary, you can submit your report to servizio.disabilita@uniroma1.it 

Before submitting the form, please accept the warning on the treatment of personal data.

Form for Reporting Architectural and Sensory Barriers


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