Brand, Template and Visual Identity

Sapienza has a visual identity system through whitch makes revognizable its communication. Its brand is in red and gold, it shows the iconic figure of a cherub with the sign Sapienza Università di Roma under it. The linked claim is Il futuro è passato di qui.
The area responsible for the university visual identity is the Strategic Planning and Communications Area -Communication Office – Press Office and Communication Area.

Sapienza University in Rome brand is a trademark; it can be used within scientific and teaching activities, and corporal communication. Consultans can require the use of the brand for activities in partnership with Sapienza, in agreement with terms of use for brands, linked in the box on the right. In detail, for patronage requests, please, follow the guidelines provided for the Cerimonial.

Pursuing the web surfing it is possible to consult the Syintetic Graphic Manual, the Digital Graphic Manual and the sections connected with different practical applications. It is also possible to download formats ready for use. Finally, the document Linee guida per la redazione di testi chiari ed efficaci can be useful for writing administrative texts.


Graphic Manual

Formats ready for use

Area for publications (professors)

logo Insertion on a thesis 

Communication Office 
Alessandra Barberis

Press Office and Communication Area
Integrated Communication Staff
Valentina Alvaro
Danny Cinalli

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