Thesis Layout and Logo

Some suggestions for the Thesis Layout and Sapienza Logo

Using a logo on the graduation thesis means telling you graduated at Sapienza University. This doesn’t affect in any way the thesis contents, which belong to and are responsibility of the graduated students.

Sapienza University logo can’t be used for other reasons. Please remember it is a trademark, and the use in inappropriate contexts is punishable.


Here you can download:

  • HR Sapienza Logo
  • A4 dimension thesis editable cover
  • A4 dimension thesis editable frontispiece
  • A5 dimension thesis editable cover
  • A5 dimension thesis editable frontispiece
  • Internal page with notes
  • Powerpoints


Cover and Frontispiece

You can personalise your cover also depending on the material chosen (leather, paper, cloth, etc). 
As for the frontispiece, your edited version must mantein all the elements from the downloaded file.

Please note: some copy shop already have the University logo. It could be an autonomous reinterpretation which is not the one Sapienza provides. 

Body of the thesis

Character: preferibly Arial for headings and Palatino Lynotipe for the body;

Text dimension and borders: depend on the lenght of the thesis. The general guideline is:

  • Text dimension: 10-12
  • Headings and subheadings: 16-14-12 (please avoid unnecessary italics in headings and text body)
  • Notes: 9 (you can use italics for notes)
  • Borders depends on the lenght of the thesis
  • Lead: 1-1,5

As for Alignment, it’s suggested aligning the text to the left and waving it to the right.

In the box on the right you can downlod an example text.

Some errors to avoid

  1. Do not separate the mark (the cherub) from the logo (Sapienza Università di Roma);
  2. Follow the suggested allignment aligning the text to the left and waving it to the right;
  3. Align the body to the S in Sapienza.



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