Thesis Layout and Logo

On this page you will find tips on how to layout your dissertation and how to apply the Sapienza logo correctly
Students who wish to do so may use the brand/logotype for their thesis's title page and cover.
The use of the brand/logo on the thesis has the sole purpose of signalling that the student belongs to the Sapienza university community; the contents of the dissertation remain the exclusive property of the student, who is fully responsible for them.
Under no circumstances are students authorised to use the trademark/logo and formats available in this section for other purposes; please note that the Sapienza trademark/logo is a registered trademark and that any abuse may be punished by law.

Dissertation printing is not necessary 

Student Affairs Offices do not require the thesis to be printed in paper format.
The dissertations must be formatted as indicated in the instructions below and sent exclusively in pdf format, using the procedure provided for the online degree application.
Sapienza will ensure that the files containing the theses are correctly stored, as current regulations require.

Downloadable Files

Here you can download:

  • HR Sapienza Logo provided as Illustrator (cmyk) for typographic prints (e.g. covers, brochures, colour thesis pages created with graphics programmes), and Png (rgb) for digital graphics or Word processing (e.g. videos, animations, special slides, colour thesis pages created in Word), in positive and negative version
  • Editable cover page for A4 thesis
  • Editable frontispiece for A4 thesis
  • Editable cover page for A5 thesis
  • Editable frontispiece for A5 thesis
  • Internal page with notes
  • Power point for slides

Cover and Frontispiece

Use the Word file "Cover" (A4 and A5 versions) to create the cover.
You can personalise your cover also depending on the material chosen (leather, paper, cloth, etc.).
For example, on dark leather, gold or silver strokes can be used. To ensure the best possible rendering of the logo, students can use the high-resolution Illustrator file, which must be saved and handed in to the chosen copy shop, together with the cover file.
As for the frontispiece (first blank page on the thesis), use the file "Frontispiece" (A4 and A5 versions). Your edited version must maintain all the elements from the downloaded file.
Please note: some copy shops offer covers with a centred composition of the brand/logo and titles. This autonomous and erroneous reinterpretation by commercial businesses is not in line with the Sapienza visual identity system, which envisages a centred brand/logo as a prerogative of the Rector's communications. Therefore, we invite copy shops to follow the instructions on this page to offer the best service to students and not to abuse Sapienza's visual identity.

Theses in LaTeX

A Sapienza alumnus has developed graphic templates for thesis cover and title page in line with the Sapienza visual identity system using LaTeX code. Click here to download the templates.

Body of the thesis

  • Character: preferably Arial for headings and Palatino Linotype for the body;
  • Text dimension and borders depend on the overall length of the thesis, the presence of tables or images, etc.

The general guideline is:

  • Text dimension: 10-12
  • Headings and subheadings: 16-14-12 (it is advisable to use only round and possibly bold fonts, not italics;)
  • Notes: 9 (you can use italics for notes)
  • Borders depend on the length of the thesis
  • Lead: 1-1,5
As for Alignment, we suggest aligning the text to the left and flagging it to the right, but justified composition can also be used.
An example of an internal page with notes in editable Word format is also available in the files.

Some errors to avoid

  1. Do not separate the mark (the cherub) from the logo (Sapienza Università di Roma);
  2. Follow the suggested Alignment aligning the text to the left and waving it to the right (no centred composition, not even on the cover; justified composition is acceptable in texts);
  3. Align texts to the S of Sapienza, which acts as a text cursor.

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