Disability and Specific Learning Difficulties: the successes of our students and graduates

Graduating and obtaining recognition are important motivations for all university students.
For students with disabilities and with Learning Disorders the academic path is full of emotions, experiences, but also of obstacles and barriers to overcome.
Achieving the set goals is equivalent to winning a great challenge.
For this reason we have decided to share the successes of our winners.
Congratulations guys, you are an example for all of strength, will, determination and passion!

Massimiliano Buttarelli completed the School of Specialization in "Demo-ethno-anthropological heritage"


On January 31, 2022, Massimiliano Buttarelli discussed the thesis of the School of Specialization in "Demo-ethno-anthropological heritage".
The title of the paper is "Epiphany of a lost shepherd".

Mariachiara Aliperti graduated in Law

Mariachiara Aliperti, on December 13, 2021, graduated in Law.
The title of his thesis is "The criminal protection of vulnerable victims"; theme she chose and treated with great motivation and tenacity, flanked by the speaker, Prof. Mariateresa Trapasso.

Alessio Viola: Doctor of Physiotherapy

Alessio Viola, on 10 November 2021, graduated in "Physiotherapy" with a thesis entitled "Evaluation and treatment of cervical and postural alteration in patients with sensorineural hearing loss" - supervisor Prof. Roberta Mollica and Co-rapporteur Dr. Domitilla Devoto.

Roberto Cardani and his degree in "Fashion and Costume Sciences"

On July 16, 2021, Roberto Cardani discussed a thesis entitled "When sport meets fashion: the Biagiotti maison and the link with the world of golf".
His work wisely combines the world of sport with the world of fashion.
The speaker is Prof. Cinzia Capalbo, president of the Degree Course in "Fashion and Costume Sciences"

"Disability in showcase": Vanessa Casu's graduation thesis

Vanessa Casu, graduated in "Public and business communication", with a thesis entitled "Disability in showcase".
His work highlights media representations and how they affect the mental image of human beings; it also analyzes the positive and negative stereotypes about disability, drawing inspiration from films and tetelefim over time.

Veronica Cosimelli graduated in "Literature, music and entertainment"

Veronica Cosimelli graduated on 24 March 2021. Her thesis, entitled "The expressive voice", analyzes the importance of the right vocal intonations when we talk to others, so as to convey emotions and concepts in an effective way.
The issue of the importance of the voice is also addressed in the field of cinema, theater and audio books, as a form of learning for all.

Cristian Cezar Dragulin: recent law graduated

Cristian graduated in Law on March 9, 2021, discussing his thesis "in presence" at his Faculty, despite the current emergency period.
The title of his thesis is "The right to the protection of personal data", in the Civil Law area, and the supervisor is Prof. Guido Alpa.

Anastasia Pinzari and her great success: the degree in "Economics"

Anastasia has reached the most important milestone; with great determination and stubbornness she graduated with a thesis entitled: "The features of the health insurance funds and the incidence of female quotas in terms of legitimacy, disparity and opportunity".
We would like to share your message:
"I hope this photo will encourage the kids to enroll at the University, that there are no limits, that they will always have the help they want thanks to you.
And that inside each person there are sacrifices that people often don't see, but the same will be the causes of the most beautiful smiles (which you can throw in the face of all those who underestimate us!)".

Marta's paper: one of the best for the AESI Scientific Committee

Marta Eusepi, in the academic year 2019/2020, participated in the preparatory European studies seminars for international and community careers organized by the AESI association (European Association of International Studies).
At the end of the cycle of seminars, the students prepared a paper on a topic chosen from those treated. The paper had to be written in scientific format, with bibliography and notes.
On 29 October 2020, the AESI Management informed Marta that the Scientific Committee judged the paper as one of the best.

Daniele Vendemini graduated in "Communication, technologies and digital cultures"

On 7 October 2020, Daniele Vendemini graduated from home with a thesis entitled "Media and disability: the case of the Sapienza disabled desk and Dynamo Camp".
His paper also focused on the services offered by our Sector and the Sapienza University to students with disabilities and DSA.

Alessio Di Renzo graduated in "Linguistics" - Master's degree course

On 22 September 2020, Alessio Di Renzo defended his degree thesis from home.
The title of his work, the result of commitment and great passion, is entitled: "The lexicon of the LIS: the styles of use of the marked".

Diana Vitolo graduated from the three-year degree course in "Communication, technologies and digital cultures"

Diana Vitolo graduated from the three-year degree course in "Communication, technologies and digital cultures", on 9 July 2020 - in telematic mode.
The title of her thesis is "Journalism for the deaf: accessibility to information from TV to social networks": a topic she particularly cares about.

Federico Bassani graduated in clinical engineering 

Federico Bassani, on Tuesday 17 March 2020, graduated in clinical engineering from his living room!
In fact, the commission proclaimed him Doctor via videoconference, as is happening for many graduates in these days of Coronavirus emergency.
Federico's thesis title is "Sizing criteria for single-zone air conditioning systems".

Marianna Condito, in January she graduated in Literature and Philosophy

Marianna Condito, on January 7, 2020, graduated in Languages, cultures, literatures, translation, with a thesis entitled: "Postmemory: a journey to discover the value of memory".

Massimiliano Buttarelli, in September he discussed his master's thesis in Ethno-anthropological Disciplines

Massimiliano Buttarelli graduated in Ethno-anthropological Disciplines (LM DEA), on September 25, 2019, with a thesis entitled "Between meditation and loneliness: the shepherd who loses himself".

Ludovico Ancora graduated in Management Statistics

Ludovico Ancora graduated from the Faculty of Statistical Sciences on 17 July 2019.
The title of his thesis is:  "Green Economy: state and prospects".

Enrichetta Alimena's research was rewarded in the academic year 2017-2018 as "best degree thesis on the subject of disability"

Enrichetta Alimena graduated on January 30, 2018.
His thesis, entitled "The movement of people with motor disabilities in the 70s", was the starting point for a documentary divided into three episodes, broadcast by RAI Radiotre's Tre Soldi program (Go to the Rai Play Radio website)




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