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Educational Quality Assurance


The CdS is responsible for the making of the Annual Monitoring Report and the Cyclical Review Report. The annual monitoring report provides a concise critical comment to the quantitative indicators calculated by ANVUR on student careers, attractiveness and internationalization, employability of graduates, quantity and qualification of the teaching staff, satisfaction of graduates.

The Cyclical Review Report is prepared with an anticipation of five years; it contains a thorough self-assessment of the CdS overall performanc based on all the useful analysis elements. In the Report, the CdS, in addition to identifying and analyzing the most relevant problems and challenges, proposes solutions that will be implemented in the following cycle. In particular, the document is structured as a self-assessment on the status of the relevant Quality Requirements (R3) and - compared to the Annual Monitoring Card - has a more flexible format and is generally more extensive and detailed.


  • One-off: Initial design of the CdS and first draft of the SUA-CdS.

Annual Activities:

  • Drafting of the USA-CdS;
  • Drafting and approval of the Annual Monitoring Report;
  • Acquisition of the CPDS report;
  • Acquisition of questionnaires on students' opinions.

Cyclic Activities:

Drafting of the Cyclical Review Report, which will be drafted at least once every 5 years and in any case in one of the following cases:

  1. at the CEV visit (no more than a year before);
  2. at the request of the NVA;
  3. in the presence of severe problems;
  4. in the presence of substantial changes to the legal system.

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