Guarantee Committee

The Guarantee Committee (Comitato Unico di Garanzia - CUG) is responsible for promoting a culture of equality and equal opportunities, combating all possible forms of violence or discrimination and promoting organisational well-being  by carrying out information activities, conferences, meetings and surveys within Sapienza's professional community (as per Sapienza Statute Art. no. 28) 

President: Giuliana Scognamiglio - PO, Department of Legal Studies, Delegate for Equal Opportunities

Full members

Administration representatives, listed in alphabetical order:

  • De Vincentiis Dario - TAB, Sapienza Library System
  • D'Incoronato Giovanna - TAB, Legal Affairs Area
  • Giannini Anna Maria - PO, Department of Psychology
  • Paoloni Paola - PO, Department of Law and Economics of Productive Activities
  • Romeo Caterina - PA, Department of Literature and Modern Cultures
  • Schillaci Angelo - PA, Department of Legal Studies


Trade union representatives, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Cappelli Laura - TAB, Interdepartmental Library of Legal Studies
  • D'Angelo Vittoria - TAB, Institutional Affairs Area
  • Giandinoto Federica - TAB, Department of Anatomical, Histological, Medical-Legal Sciences and Locomotor Apparatus
  • Gueli Maria Grazia - TAB, Property, Assets and Bursar’s Area
  • Magrini Daniela - TAB, International Office
  • Palombo Antonella - TAB, Faculty of Information Engineering

Alternate members

Administration representatives, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Baiocco Roberto - PA - Department of Psychology of Developmental and Socialisation Processes
  • Di Palma Guido - PA - Department of History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts.
  • D'Orazio Annunziata - RU, Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering
  • Maiolino Ilaria - TAB, CREA Centre
  • Nocenzi Mariella - RU, Department of Communication and Social Research
  • Sarrecchia Annalisa - TAB, Department of Economics and Law

Trade union representatives, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Bruni Tamara - TAB, Academic Programme Area
  • Curto Fernanda - TAB, Interdepartmental Science Library
  • Lacquaniti Rosa Maria - TAB, Department of Statistical Sciences .
  • Lorenzi Luigi - TAB, Department of Human Neuroscience
  • Manganini Paolo - TAB, Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs
  • Marziali Fabrizio TAB Department of Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance




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