Insurance coverage for the reimbursment of medical expenses arising from illness and accidents

As of January 1, 2022, a new policy for the reimbursement of medical expenses arising from illness and injury (RSMO) was activated for 36 months. The new RSMO policy, taken out with the company EUROP ASSISTANCE ITALIA S.p.a. consists of two sections:

  • Insurance policy (Outgoing)
  • Insurance policy (Incoming).

The Outgoing policy's daily cost is € 4,50.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for the activation of Outgoing and Incoming insurance coverages must be received by email at using the forms published in the "Downloads" section, at least 10 days before starting the contract in Excel and PDF format with the Head of the relevant structure's signature.


Insured parties

  • For the OUTGOING section: The guarantees envisaged are operative exclusively for lecturers, employees, students, researchers, PhD students, research fellows, scholarship holders and any other person authorised by Sapienza who go abroad for studies, exchanges and cultural agreements, as per the formal documentation of the structure to which they belong;
  • For the INCOMING section: The guarantees envisaged are operative exclusively for lecturers and visitors, students, researchers, collaborators and personnel in any case authorised by Sapienza coming from foreign Universities or other foreign Bodies, guests of Sapienza as per the formal documentation of the facility to which they belong.


Age limits

The insurance does not apply to persons older than 75 years of age. However, for persons who reach this age during the term of the insurance contract, the insurance shall remain valid until the next annual premium due date and shall cease upon the expiry of said term, without any premiums due after the aforementioned age being counted against it, premiums that in this case shall be returned at the request of the Policyholder.


Continuous stay abroad

The Insured may stay abroad for a maximum of 180 consecutive days during the validity of this Policy. They will not be insured for accidents that occur to them after the 180 days.


Travel limitations

The Insured is not covered if they travel to a country, region or geographical area for which the competent governmental authority in their country of residence or the destination or host country has advised against travelling or otherwise residing, even temporarily.


Territorial limits

The Insurance operates:

  • For the OUTGOING section worldwide excluding Italy and countries in a state of belligerency or at risk of war.
  • For the INCOMING section, Italy excluding the world and countries in a state of belligerency or at risk of war.


Sanction Clause

The Insurance Company is not obliged to provide any insurance cover, to settle claims, or to provide any benefits or services described in the Conditions of Insurance if this would expose it to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under any United Nations resolution or any trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, the United States of America, the United Kingdom or any applicable national jurisdiction governing the Conditions of Insurance.


Insurance cover does not operate in the following countries: Syria, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus and Crimea. Due to the current conflict situation, the operational capacity of the Insurance Company in the affected geographical area has been restricted. The Company is currently unable to assist policyholders in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, operations in neighbouring countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania may be limited. 


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