NANOWHYR - Dots-in-NANOWires by near-field illumination: novel single-photon sources for HYbRid quantum photonic circuits 

ID Call: HORIZON-ERC-2021-STG ERC Starting Grant


Sapienza's role in the project: Host Institution

Scientific supervisor for Sapienza: Marta De Luca

Department: Physics



Project start date: October 1, 2022

Project end date: September 30, 2027



The project aims at creating novel single photon sources integrated with Si-based photonic circuits.
 The main limitation of Si-based integrated photonic circuits is the lack of an efficient single-photon source. NANOWHYR aims to overcome this limitation by creating new quantum dots in III-V semiconductor nanowires integrated with Si-based cavities. The creation will involve hydrogen irradiation and annealing through scanning near field optical microscope. 
This multi-disciplinary project involves challenges in the fields of materials science, physics, and nanotechnology, and is expected to open new scientific and technological horizons in the field of quantum optics and integrated photonics on Silicon. 
 The project will be carried out in the new Nano-spectroscopy laboratory of Prof. Marta De Luca. The employed experimental techniques are: micro-photoluminescence and micro-Raman spectroscopies, also spatially resolved, and performed at variable temperature, time delay, magnetic fields and electric fields. Advanced quantum optics experiments, from the visible range to telecom wavelengths, will be also carried out on the created sources.

 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers with hands-on experience in optical spectroscopy (such as photoluminescence, or Raman, absorption, scanning near-field spectroscopy, g(2) measurements etc.) on nanostructures are encouraged to apply. Previous experiences with ultrafast lasers or detectors, optical simulations, clean room fabrication, and/or electrical measurements are also very appreciated but are not necessary. A passion for designing and developing new experiments, being thirsty for knowledge, having excellent communication skills and marked team spirit is required.
 We are building a young, diverse, and multidisciplinary group. If you work with us, you will be involved in inspiring international collaborations with materials scientists, theoretical and experimental physicists, and engineers all over the world.

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