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The first step to implement and fully benefit from the research results is to identify the technology and protect it by patenting the invention. This is the starting point of the valorization process through a technology transfer process which is part of the university third mission along with education and research. This awareness has generated a growing interest among the academic community in Sapienza in warranting the protection of intellectual property, as well as the development of a competitive national and international “patent culture” accessible both to students and starting researchers.

The real-time updated interactive chart shows Sapienza University's active patent families according to the relevant technical-scientific areas. Sapienza’s patents are shown in Knowledge share - KS, the digital matchmaking platform for the valorization of Italian public institutions' research. Click on the relevant reference area to view the list. 

Click here  to view the entire active patent families’ list.

Classificazione Brevetti

Patents are a crucial step in technology transfer, the main instrument for university’s outreach. Sapienza University’s patents portfolio updated to the end 2023 includes 160 patent families (84 in co-ownership with public or private institutions). 64% of which were extended internationally (103 entries in Patent Cooperation Treaty – PCT) within twelve months from first filing, 70 entries into the national phases (i.e 68% PCT applications). In 2023 17 patent applications were filed in Italy, 1 in Portugal, 2 provisionals in the USA, 1 in Europe and 11 PCT.

The Sapienza Valorization and Technology Transfer Office promotes and provides support to actions that improve the University portfolio and, in general, intellectual property, such as the negotiation of licensing and ownership transfer contracts, R&D contracts for know-how and intellectual property signed with  companies, start-ups, which involve applied research developed in the various departments.


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