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Filing a patent application

The promotion and protection of intellectual property are essential tools for innovation and technology transfer

The law n.102/2023 of August 23, 2023, published in the Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale - Serie Generale n.184 of August 8, 2023 modifyed art.65 of legislative decree n.30 of February 10, 2005 of the Italian Intellectual Property Code – CPI relating to “the inventions of researchers working at universities, public research institutions, and scientific research and healthcare institutes”.

Until the University’s Patent regulations policy is reviewed, the inventor who authored a new invention shall communicate it to the Patent &Licensing unit.
Both inventor and University have the task to protect the new invention.

In case of communication of an invention eligible for a patent the inventor shall submit the following documents to the Office:
Annex A Application for a patent
Annex C File of the referee
Annex D Non-Disclosure Agreement

The above documents shall be submitted to the Office twenty days before the Technical Patents’ Commission meet for examination and approval.

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