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How to fix the "KEY NOT FOUND" technical error

If during the online payment the website shows the "Key not found" (Chiave non trovata) technical error, please double-check the page's URL. It must be:
and not: 


After printing the slip from Infostud, payment must be made following one of the procedures below:

Online, by credit card

The payment can be made with all Visa or Mastercard credit cards.


  • Due to technical reasons, online payments must be made by 20:30.
  • The system does not accept Diners credit cards, despite the indications on the Unicredit online payments page.

Fill in the form for the online payment [Unicredit page]: the data required are those indicated in the payment slip that has been printed from Infostud.
We specify that in order to pay tuition fees online you do not need to open a Unicredit S.p.A. current account.

Over the counter

Over the counter payments. Please notice: due to Covid-19 emergency, Unicredit Bank has temporarily closed some of its branches and reduced its walk-in-hours. Therefore, those who wish to pay their tuition fees over the counter may contact the Unicredit Customer Service by calling 800.32.32.85 from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm to look for the nearest available branch and make an appointment or visit 

From January 1st, 2020 (in compliance with the December 27, 2019, Sapienza new budget law) the student is required to pay the tuition fees through traceable means. This procedure is also necessary to request tax relief on the above-mentioned tuition fees. Therefore the student cannot request tax relief on the tuition fees if he/she/they pay in cash at the office. Source: law December 27, 2019, n.160, clause 679

Click on the Official Journal (in Italian)

Check the list of italian branches (Unicredit website)

By direct debit payment

(on a Unicredit current account)

In this case you only need to specify the number of the Unicredit current account on the payment slip.
It is also possible to make the direct debit payment with the computerised procedure.
Please note: due to technical reasons, the online payment must be made by 20:30.

By bank cheque

The payment can also be made with a bank cheque drawn on a Unicredit S.p.A or on another bank, for the amount required for tuition fees, that may be made out:

  • to yourself (the student), if the check is drawn on a current account in the student’s name
  • to the student, if the current account belongs to someone else

In both cases, the student must be at the bank when the payment is processed.
The cheque must be “non transferable”, and it will be accepted by the bank “subject to collection” (salvo buon fine) and without any fees for the drawer.

By PagoPA (only for Advanced Professional Courses, Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses)

Students can also pay their tuition fees for Advanced Professional Courses, Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses using the “PagoPa” payment system created by the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AgID) to facilitate payments for public administration.

To pay by “PagoPA” we suggest printing the payment slip by following the instructions on the Advanced Professional Courses admission call:

After printing, the “PagoPA” button will be activated. Students can pay directly (pagamento diretto) or print a payment slip and pay in a “Ricevitoria SISAL” or in any Post Office.

“PagoPA” payment slips can be paid online by credit card or at one of the several (over 400) “PagoPA” partners (Prestatori di Servizi di Pagamento PSP). Click on the Agid website for the full updated list of PSP.

To avoid delayed payments, please, pay attention to the offices opening hours (in -person and for online payments) including the Settore Master Universitari opening time, in case of difficulties with payments.

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