PhD Internationalisation

Call for the financing of mobility abroad of phd students of the XXXVII and XXXVIII cycle

With R.D. no. 1505/2023, the call for the financing of mobility periods abroad for doctoral students of the XXXVII and XXXVIII cycles was published here.
Download the tutorial for completing the application.

For further information, please contact the Settore Dottorato di ricerca - accreditamento, accordi e finanziamenti at

Agreement for Joint Research Doctoral Theses

The discussion of the good practices listed by the Joint Degree Management and Administration Network (JOIMAN) lead to the modification of the model for the activation of inter-institutional agreements for joint thesis supervision (Agreement for Joint Research Doctoral Theses) for individual students. Prerequisites have been established for the conferral of the "Doctor Europaeus" mention.

Inter-Institutional Agreement for International Doctoral Mobility

The Inter-Institutional Agreement for International Doctoral Mobility concerns PhD Programmes with a joint supervision of research work and mandatory international mobility for PhD students. The terms regulating the joint supervision of research work and mandatory international mobility periods are defined in Individual Training Agreements undersigned by the PhD student, coordinator and supervisors. The agreement can be drawn up between one or more university consortiums. The selection of PhD students, the call and enrolment will take place at the university in which the student is enrolled. 

The agreement calls for the conferral of a PhD Degree by the student’s university and an additional certificate. The agreement with partner institutions indicates that such degrees will be presented by the student’s university or jointly by all the universities where research has been conducted. Moreover, the additional certificate may be presented, following approval by PhD Supervisors and Coordinators, by the Director of the Department (or other structure) managing the PhD Programme and where the PhD student has conducted research.

Inter-Institutional Agreement for Joint International Doctorates

Inter-Institutional Agreement for joint International Doctorates refer to PhD Programmes that may be: 

  • Developed jointly by one or more institutions that are officially recognised to manage PhD Programmes and research, even in collaboration with non-academic organisations;
  • Developed independently by two or more institutions with a call and the autonomous selection of candidates. Based on the agreement with partner institutions, joint PhD Programmes can lead to a joint degree presented by two or more partner institutions or to the separate conferral of a double or multiple degree. This type of PhD Degree may entail common aspects (call, education and conferral of PhD Degree in the forms described above).


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