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Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses

Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses help students develop their acquired skills, further. Those courses are also in collaboration with private and public Bodies, according to the Educational Regulation of the University, art 2. Comma 1.

Students enrolled in a Training Course and Advanced Training Course can be enrolled also in Bachelor’s and Masters’ Degree programmes (Single Cycle or two years duration), School for advanced Studies and PhDs.

Advanced Training Courses

Students need at least a Bachelor’s Degree to enroll in an Advanced Training Course. Students do not get a degree from these courses, but a certificate. They may provide for the award of credits (CFUs), to be recognised in a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme (up to a maximum of 12 CFUs) and in a first or second level Advanced Professional Course (Master, in Italian), if related to the courses' subjects,

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Training Courses

Students need to have at least a High School Degree to enroll in a Training Courses. These courses aim to cultural and professional development (lifelong learning and continuing education, cultural activities for adults, preparation courses for public competitions and state exams for professional qualifications, refresher courses for companies' staff). Students do not get a degree from these courses, but a certificate of attendance. They can give Credits (up to a maximum of 12 CFUs) that could be evaluated in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes, if related, according to the Programmes Regulations.

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Regulation. (pdf - in italian) 


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All information requests will be handled online during opening hours (Monday - Wednesday - Friday from 08.30 to 12.00; Tuesday - Thursday from 2:30 to 4.30) by e-mail: altaformazione@uniroma1.it


Delivery of certificates to the Course Director must be arranged by email to: altaformazione@uniroma1.it

Payment receipt

The Unit for Advanced Professional Courses (Settore Master) does not issue payment receipts for participation in Training Courses and Advanced Training Courses. Paper receipts issued by the bank and receipts sent by email for online payments are valid for all legal purposes. If you lose your receipts, you can request a copy directly from the bank.

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