Spin-offs and Start-ups

This page lists the Sapienza Spin-Offs and Start-Ups indicating: faculties, departments, proponents, descriptions and reference sites


In accordance with the Spin-Off and Start-Up regulations, Sapienza University of Rome participates in the “Spin off universitari Sapienza” limited companies as a business partner

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences

Department of Chemistry

Eco Recycling S.r.l.

Contact: Luigi Toro - Department of Chemistry

The Spin-off, which is based on technology patented by Sapienza, aims to develop a facility to extract raw materials from exhausted dry battery cells and place the compounds on the market. In the longer run, the spin-off aims to participate in the complex issue relative to the treatment of e-waste (TVs, computers, smartphones, play stations, etc.).

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

Dits S.r.l.

Contact: Stefano Ricci - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

DITS (Development & Innovation in Transport Systems aims to sell products and provide railway engineering services to support enterprises and agencies operating in the rail sector. In particular, the spin-off aims to act as a bridge between university research and its application in the rail sector to improve the quality of service in terms of security, reliability, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Smart Structures Solutions S.r.l.

Contact: Paolo Gaudenzi - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The spin-off is based on the possibility of developing wireless structural security devices that can be operated remotely and work without an external electrical supply. Smart structure technology, which is developed by many international research centres including Sapienza, provide a range of technological solutions for the development of sensing and self-sustaining devices (via energy harvesting).

Sed S.r.l.

Contact: Alessandro Corsini - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The objective of the spin-off is to develop and provide products and support services for the diagnostics and pre-diagnostics of rotating machinery, turbomachines and energy conversion systems. In particular, SED will industrialize (on-time and on-line) monitoring systems through software for the diagnostics of instable operation conditions and their control through the implementation of adequate systems.

Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics

Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

Over S.p.A.

Contact: Massimo Mecella - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

The spin-off aims to develop a device that will allow any domotic system to acquire the following characteristics: (a) interoperability, (b) controllable via plug-and-play interfaces and (c) energetic consumption measurements and history. The company aims to provide its services for three different sectors: domotics, security and event processing.

The team is composed by Sapienza professors and researchers, entrepreneurs in electronics and computers and professionals specialised in home automation. In 2014, Over S.r.l became a limited company following a significant equity investment by public and private subjects.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Department of Ancient World Studies

Archi Web S.r.l.

Contact: Andrea Carandini - Department of Ancient World Studies

This company aims to develop a data bank connected to a GIS system to collect all documentation of new archaeological discoveries in urban and rural contexts that may be of use to agencies and third parties, in general, for any type of purpose.


In accordance with the Spin-Off and Start-Up regulations, Sapienza University of Rome does not participate in the “Start up universitarie Sapienza” limited companies as a business partner

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences

Department of Earth Sciences - Research Centre of Prediction, Prevention and Mitigation of Geological Risks

Nhazca S.r.l.

Contact: Francesca Bozzano - Department of Earth Sciences

The objective of NHAZCA is to identify, evaluate, test and develop operational methods and tools to provide a monitoring and analysis service for natural events that can generate risk conditions for mankind. Amongst the various available techniques, earth radar interferometry is an innovative tool to monitor the deformation of natural landscapes, volcanos, glaciers, but also manmade structures such as dams, bridges and historical buildings. The monitoring and analysis will be conducted through the use of innovative data analysis software and event simulation models.

Department of Environmental Biology - Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies

Sara Envimob S.r.l.

Contact: Massimo Reverberi - Department of Environmental Biology

Other Proponents: Department of European, American and Intercultural Studies

The start-up develops projects for the protection and promotion of biodiversity and the natural heritage to mitigate and manage anthropic impact and promote processes of sustainable human development and mobility, providing opportunity for the sustainable development of areas and individuals.

Department of Environmental Biology

ViVita S.r.l.

Contact: Gabriella Pasqua  - Department of Environmental Biology

ViVita S.r.l. aims to contribute to the well-being of the individual, by designing and developing high quality and innovative medical devices, dermo-cosmetics, and nutritional supplements with particular attention to sustainability and the environment.
Mission: 1. Using active ingredients extracted from plant matrices, mainly from the recovery and processing of waste, plant by-products and processing residues of agro-food companies (green economy, circular economy). 2. Making use of new technologies and new know-how, thanks to research and development activities for the production of quality, safe and effective preparations. 3. Reduce the use of preservatives and encourage safe substances also for pregnant women and children.

Department of Chemistry

Trireme S.r.l.

Contact: Mauro Majone and Marco Petrangeli Papini - Department of Chemistry

Technologies for Reliable and Innovative REMEdiation proposes an innovative approach to the remediation of polluted sites and wastewater treatment, from the study and design to the implementation and monitoring. The startup provides highly innovative products and services with high technological content for the remediation of complex polluted sites and the purification of wastewater of different kinds. Through highly specialised consultancy, resulting from the extensive scientific and operational experience of the founding partners, the chemical and biological characteristics are carefully identified to define, through laboratory studies and pilot tests, how they can be stimulated or supported to promote the chemical-physical and biological degradation of pollutants directly in the contaminated matrix (in situ processes).

RePET S.r.l.

Referenti: Luciano Galantini - Dipartimento di Chimica

RePET aims to develop, produce and market innovative solutions based on recycle of polyethylenterephtalate with enhanced technology.

Analytical Solutions S.r.l.

Contact: Stefano Materazzi - Department of Chemistry

Analytical Solutions s.r.l. provides private and public customers with analytical solutions for the characterisation and typification of food chain products (with extension to no-food), by using advanced and innovative analytical methodologies, microNIR technology in particular. It will, therefore, provide a service of characterisation and typification of products intended for a specific high-level market and the new microNIR technology will allow offering "in field" data directly to the customer within its production activity.

D-Art S.r.l.

Contact: Ilaria Serafini  and Alessandro Ciccola - Department of Chemistry

The start-up aims to provide diagnostic-analytic services in the field of Cultural Heritage, from materials characterisation to the evaluation of the artworks’ current status of preservation and its authenticity. Every phase is an essential step towards the proper conservation and protection of the individual piece of art. The diagnostic project and related analyses will be conducted along with several Sapienza partners. The start-up also offers additional services on product testing and development of specific materials for restorative works and art preservation. D-Art S.r.l.’s approach is based on research and problem solving, focused on fulfilling the costumers’ needs. The start-up also provides multi-ethnic analyses for highly complex moulds, employed in different fields (i.e. agroindustrial, cosmetic, pharmaceutical).

Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs - Department of  Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies - Department of Translational and Precision Medicine

Biosensing S.r.l.

Contact: Franco Mazzei  - Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs

Other Proponents: Bruno Botta - Department of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs;
Vincenzo Cardinale - Department of  Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies;
Domenico Alvaro - Department of Translational and Precision Medicine.

The start-up aims to develop, validate, and market diagnostic devices (Point of Care Testing), thanks to a technological platform based on supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnologies and interfaced with smartphones to produce rapid and inexpensive devices with a level of accuracy comparable to traditional laboratory tests.

Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

Brainsigns S.r.l.

Contact: Fabio Babiloni - Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

This project aims to exploit technology developed to quantify cerebral activities and other physiological signals occurring during the viewing of advertising to provide an efficient, non-invasive and innovative answer to the typical questions on the efficiency of advertising by major investors in market research. The technology will be extremely useful to modulate the generation of ads and monitor their mnemonic and emotional efficacy through scientifically valid indicators, independent from verbal declarations.

Department Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies

Ng Detectors S.r.l.

Contact: Roberto Pani - Department Medico-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies

The start-up operates with innovative methodologies in the research, development and commercialisation of products based on new high-tech generation ionizing radiation sensors.  The company aims to transform research results into industrial products with innovative characteristics and functions through the development of new generation ionizing radiation sensors.

Department of Anatomical Histological Medical Legal Sciences and Locomotor Apparatus

Digital Med S.r.l.

Contact: Valter Santilli - Department of Anatomical Histological Medical Legal Sciences and Locomotor Apparatus

The start-up aims to develop, produce and commercialise innovative products and services for health and rehabilitation. In particular, the company will produce innovative technology for the use of physical energy produced by electromedical devices for rehabilitation and related disciplines; computer web-interfaced platforms to collect data on therapeutic treatment; innovative orthotic devices and aides for handicapped individuals; informational-educational projects for students with innovative computer technology.

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Department of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni"

Magic S.r.l.

Contact: Francesca Romana Grippaudo - Department of Surgery " Pietro Valdoni"

Magic S.r.l, a business with the characteristics of a university startup, was born for the materialization of the patent of the MAGIC (MAmmary Garment Ideal for Camouflage) bra, specially designed not to interfere with the reconstructive procedures, and to allow women to use the usual clothing serenely, even during the delicate process of breast reconstruction. The entrepreneurial activity, organized by successive steps will support the patient in her daily needs, which will then be applied to the realization of the product prototype (Magic bra), after identification of the right supplier. The production will be tailored and adapted to the needs of each patient; moreover, the product development activity will be flanked by commercial development activities, aimed at the health and wellness sector, through technological innovation methods (e-commerce platforms), also flanked by traditional retail channels.

Department of Translational and Precision Medicine

Speak To Me S.r.l.

Contact: Stefano Ginanni Corradini - Department of Translational and Precision Medicine

This Start-Up aims to develop and use highly innovative software to reduce communication problems between medical staff and patients with language barriers in Italy and worldwide. Speak To Me" is a multimodal software that healthcare professionals can use on all types of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets) with pre-set questions and answers, which are fundamental for a correct diagnosis of the patient and require simple yes/no answers; it also includes some open questions with an answer that can be identified by the patient from a selection of possible solutions. 
Furthermore, to simplify the understanding of the questions posed and facilitate the answers, it uses many universally understandable iconographies and several periphrases explaining some medical terms that are not easy to understand for non-professionals. All the content will be translated into 38 languages and validated by official translators to give it a legal-medical value.

Department of Clinical Internal, Anesthesiological and Cardiovascular Sciences

Macro Lifescience Solutions S.r.l. 

Contact: Roberto Badagliacca - Department of Clinical Internal, Anesthesiological and Cardiovascular Sciences

The start-up provides contract research organizations (CRO) for the preparation and implementation of scientific studies through clinical trial management,the simplification of relations with other researchers in multicentric studies, and data managementthrough the development of tools for the collection of data and quality control throughout the course of scientific studies.

Faculty of Architecture

Department of Design and Architectural, Territorial, Environmental Technologies

Digizen S.r.l.

Contacts: Ida Cortoni Department of Design and Architectural, Territorial, Environmental Technologies

Other proponents: Department of Communication and Social Research

The start-up unites the academic and entrepreneurial world by creating a single, integrated economic subject to design, develop and commercialize on-line management software for monitoring the quality of educational processes for public and private organisations, as well as provide services for custom-tailoring, integrating and adapting software tools to user needs and providing consulting services for the efficient implementation of computer solutions and quality models for organizational processes.

Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture

Janus S.r.l.

Contact: Graziano Mario Valenti - Department of History, Representation and Restoration of Architecture

The start-up aims to enhance the communication of cultural heritage using highly scientific technologies to improve the traditional model of communicating cultural assets. By using technologies, skills, competences and experience acquired in the academic context, it aims to provide excellent products and services in the field of digitisation and virtual tourism to a specialised public and private markets, such as museums, superintendencies, municipalities and foundations. The product lines guarantee a high degree of customisation based on the client's needs and the analysis of the end-user and can be integrated and summarised in the definition of virtual reconstructions (virtual panoramas, historical reconstructions, 3D reproductions, VR, AR, virtual museums).

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

Sistema S.r.l.

Contact: Guido Gentile - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

The company provides products and services for engineering and software and information systems through the design, development and supply of software for planning transport, traffic engineering, logistics, info-mobility and ITS systems.

Survey Lab S.r.l.

Contact: Maria Antonietta Marsella - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

Survey Lab operates in the research and development of new technology for products, processes, and services for the geomatic monitoring of structures, infrastructure, and land deformations. The company was created by the competences acquired and developed by a team of professors and researchers in the Geodesics and Geomatics Area of the Faculty of Engineering. 

Starting from the research background, Survey Lab is currently active in the field of applied geomatics for control and monitoring of the environment with the used of integrated ground and satellite-based sensors.

Kuaternion S.r.l.

Contact: Mattia Crespi - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

The start-up operates in high-precision positioning, three-dimensional modelling, treatment of satellite, optic and radar images and the management and analysis of environmental information. The initiative know-how is based on in-depth knowledge of satellite positioning, 3D modelling, remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). The aim of the company is to commercialize its patents to acquire increasingly accurate metric information on a range of scales (locally, regionally and continentally), remote sensing and 3D models gathered through new range-cameras.

CTLup S.r.l.

Contact: Luca Persia - Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

The main purpose of the start-up is the creation and industrialization of three information systems and the support to companies and institutions, involved in the transport and mobility sectors, interested in a detailed analysis of accident data, the relative causes and countermeasures, the interaction and consultation with citizens, and the evaluation of the level of risk of a road infrastructure.

Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Diamonds S.r.l.

Contact: Achille Paolone - Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

DIAMONDS (Diagnostics and Monitoring of Structures) brings together competences in civil and electronic engineering to provide integrated diagnostic and monitoring services for civil and industrial buildings, works of strategic interest and monuments.

The main services provided by the company include: design and development of monitoring systems for the static and dynamic profiling of structures and the identification of their state of degradation; development of non-destructive tests for structural diagnosis.

Geeg S.r.l.

Contact: Salvatore Miliziano - Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Other Proponents: Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment

The start-up prepare land for mechanised tunneling through innovative experimental procedures. GEEG services target engineering companies and conditioning agent producers interested in optimizing tunneling operations, verifying the effects of chemical products on the terrain, and monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of works.

BEST Design S.r.l.

Contact: Spartaco Paris - Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Other Proponents: Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering

BEST Design (Bim Engineering STart-up), is an innovative start-up operating in the digital evolution field applied to the construction sector. It offers support to Public Administrations, property managers and professional structures for the configuration of systems and processes enabled by BIM (Building Information Modeling) oriented digital technologies in compliance with sector regulations, in order to manage information processes related to the built environment: from conception, design, construction, to maintenance. In particular, it aims to develop digital management models through parametric and "digital twin process modelling" systems, consisting of the integration of data and information content in synergy with structural, technological, morphological and plant engineering aspects in the life cycle of buildings and urban systems.

HySAFE S.r.l.

Contact: Walter Lacarbonara - Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Development and sale of:

- products for reducing vibrations of civil and industrial structures and mechanical parts;
- products for the implementation and stabilisation of large roofs, temporary crosswalks

Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment

3Fase  S.r.l.

Contact: Claudio Alimonti - Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment

The entrepreneurial idea on which the spin-off is based concerns the development of solutions and alternative measures for the oil and gas sector. The technological offer is characterised by flexible technical implementation and its adaptability to specific conditions in the field with a competitive price tag. 

The objective is not the direct production of hardware components, but the combined development of advanced process components (to generate required fluid dynamic characteristics if necessary), ad hoc sensor systems based on our process and control system, managed via proprietary software.

Sicurezza 4.0 S.r.l.

Contact: Mara Lombardi - Department of Chemical Engineering Materials Environment

The main objective of this start-up is to develop new technologies and systems to implement operational and management theory, technique and good practices. This is conducted through the development of code and apps for the security of complex systems, infrastructure and work and worker health safety that provide enterprise and administrations with new technological and organizational solutions to simplify services. 

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Aicomply S.r.l.

Contact: Giulio Di Gravio - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The start up aims to develop systems and provide innovative services for compliance management passing from a project-based approach to ensure the respect of legislation to an integrated approach based on a multi-legislative technological platform. The objective of the service is to contribute to the evolution of static systems for the management of compliance towards true Compliance and Risk Management.

Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering (SBAI)

Darts S.r.l.

Contact: Vincenzo Patera - Department of Basic and Applied Sciences for Engineering (SBAI)

Other Proponents: Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Darts S.r.l. aims to calculate the dose caused by the interaction of radiation with matter, both of human and environmental origin, for industrial and commercial purposes, e.g. radiation protection and radiotherapy.

Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering

Dream S.r.l. 

Contact: Luigi Martirano - Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering

The start-up provides services to develop and manage Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and systems for the supervision, control and acquisition of data (SCADA) for the management of civil pants. Activities include the development, installation and programming of BEMS and subsequent management via integrated technical management and building energy services.

Fast Charge Engineering. S.r.l.

Contact: Leone Martellucci - Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering

Fast Charge Engineering. S.r.l. aims to design devices for sustainable mobility, with particular reference to the development and construction of storage systems and the integration of both electric and hybrid propulsion systems. Therefore, it will produce complete products, executive projects and provide services in the field of sustainable mobility, including safe maintenance techniques.

Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Statistics

Department of Computer Science


Contact: Paolo Gaspare Bottoni - Department of Computer Science
Other Proponents: University of Molise

BB-SMILE aims to develop, produce and market innovative IT solutions based on application platforms and, more specifically, on "DLT" and "BLOCKCHAIN" technology. 

Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Ict Innova S.r.l.

Contact: Gianni Orlandi - Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

The start-up develops integrated hardware and software systems for the creation of flexible, custom-tailored and optimised solutions for applications in a range of fields, including the safeguard and promotion of cultural heritage, the development and management of audio, video and multimedia signals and digital entertainment, e-health, domotics, smart cities, logistics and info-mobility, transport, product tracking, energetic efficiency, the safety of persons and objects via web applications and apps customized for the main platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

Sis.ter. Pomos S.r.l.

Contact: Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli - Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

The start-up provides innovative and sustainable products and services for alternative energy, green economy and sustainable mobility through measures that increase the efficiency of energetic systems in synergy with modern ICT and AI technology: machine learningand big data analytics.

Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

Actor  S.r.l.

Contact: Massimo Roma - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

ACTOR (Analytics, Control Technologies and Operations Research) is an R&D boutique company that provides services, based on models, methods and control algorithms, optimisation, forecasting and simulation for the design and development of complex systems. It was created through the integration of an academic (Sapienza DIAG) and an industrial component (ACT Solutions Srl) with the objective of developing advanced applications for operational research. The company targets decision makers in enterprise and organisations with integrated software application solutions to obtain an optimal use of resources, greater efficacy, cost reduction and risk reduction.

A complementary activity concerns the provision of didactic modules ased on data sets and case studies to support theoretical company and university education, both nationally and internationally.

Wsense S.r.l.

Contact: Chiara Petrioli - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

The start up aims to provide solutions and cutting edge technology for wireless sensor networks for monitoring of the environment, structures, buildings, infrastructure and social dynamics by aggregating multidisciplinary scientific, engineering and entrepreneurial competences.

Babelscape S.r.l

Contact: Roberto Navigli  - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

The start-up aims to make human knowledge accessible in a simple and innovative manner. The concept of human knowledge has expanded thanks to the web and collaborative platforms such as Wikipedia and Wikidata. The company provides artificial intelligence software that performs grammatical, logical and semantic analysis of texts in an language, as well as the extraction of key concepts and terminology and understanding of the text.

Obda Systems S.r.l.

Contact: Maurizio Lenzerini - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

The start-up provides state-of-the-art solutions based on recent innovations in the field of semantic technology to provide clients with a direct and efficient method to extract key information from large and complex data sets. The solutions are based on ontological modelling representations.

Lockless S.r.l.

Contact: Bruno Ciciani - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

The start-up commercialises software prototypes that provide processing solutions for large scale data sets, monitoring and control of performance and energetic consumption, and support for the development of massive and heterogeneous architectural applications. The software, which is based on the optimisation of processes and reliability, will provide solutions to ICT SMEs both at the national and international level.

Ares2T S.r.l.

Contact: Alessandro Di Giorgio - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

Ares2T (Applied Research to Technologies) is based on the technological transfer and go-to-market of applied reserach results in the field of automation engineering and, in particular, in reference to services for electrical, transport and telecommunications network users and operators. Products and services are developed based on data-driven-innovation and provided mainly through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions via web-based cloud resident solutions. The main solution, Charge Advisor, dedicated to planning and control of electric vehicles that plug in to the smart grid, was funded by Accelerator INCENSe and named Fiware Success Story in 2015. Moreover, Charge Advisor was mentioned in the Enel-Symbola Report on “100 Italian Energy Stories” in 2016 and “100 Italian E-mobility Stories” in 2017.

Deix S.r.l.

Contact: Marco Sciandrone - Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"

Deix S.r.l aims to determine solutions for decision-making problems by developing specialised algorithms based on mathematical modelling, data analysis and processing, optimisation and control techniques and artificial intelligence models.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Department of History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts 

Tamerici S.r.l.

Contact: Alessandro Simonicca - Department of History, Anthropology, Religion, Arts and Performing Arts 

Tamerici is an Innovative Social Vocation Start-up (SIAVS) that operates in intervention plans to enhance projects, programs and investment policies with social impact, according to qualitative methodologies, ethnographically oriented on a humanistic basis; It operates exclusively in "social vocation" sectors and within the institutional aims established by Sapienza to support research, through the connection with the entrepreneurial world, the introduction, development and diffusion of innovative approaches and services on the market, and the creation of favourable conditions to increase youth employment. To this end, Tamerici S.r.l. intends to develop its activities within the cognitive strategies, acquired in terms of "talents" in university, post-graduate, and excellence education, to enhance and disseminate expert knowledge at a more extensive social level.

Faculty of Economics

Department of Management

Finance For S.r.l.

Contact: Giovanni Palomba - Department of Management

The start-up aims to exploit, in innovative contexts, the results of studies and research conducted on the issue of the estimate and analysis of the financial value of capital invested in enterprises, as well as the development of new products for Corporate Finance. Software applications based on proprietary algorithms by the start-up researchers are coherent with the theoretical knowledge of finance and allow users to perform independent financial analysis, evaluation and controls. 

E.R.M.E.S. S.r.l.

Contact: Salvatore Esposito De Falco - Department of Management

Other Proponents: Department of Statistical Sciences

E.R.M.E.S S.r.. aims to offer applied research services in management, aimed at developing and promoting an active shareholder culture towards companies and investors. It pays great attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues, with a view to sustainable development, forecasting business crises, and re-orienting the sustainable reconversion of new businesses or companies in crisis.

Faculty of Political Science, Sociology, and Communication Science

Department of Communication and Social Research

Aster Coop Soc. Coop.

Contacts: Enzo Patierno  Luca Reitano Saverio Giulio Malatesta - Department of Communication and Social Research

The start-up aims to design, implement, and deliver e-learning and blended-learning training courses, tutoring and webinar management services, and integrated cultural design, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration. Also of interest are technologies aimed at enhancing the value of public and private entities and territories at different scales by designing and implementing social media marketing campaigns to improve tourist areas and itineraries.

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