Spin-offs and Start-ups

Spinoffs and Startups ventures are the instrument to fulfil new and innovative business built on a research background developed in the academic field.

Sapienza guarantees and promotes enterprises development whose purpose,  from a business perspective, is to encourage the usage of patents, inventions, know-hows and findings as a result of scientific research.

“According to Sapienza University charter, a spinoff or start-up is a limited company established by the University or its staff, in accordance with local regulations, which forecasts the University involvment in the capital shareholding, that is its shareholding and expressed commitment in the achievement of the corporate purpose by the proponents in agreement with art. 3, offering them the use of the know-how and the skills developed in a research environment, in agreement to the new legal entity”

Sapienza university Spinoff: limited company with which Sapienza is associated;
Sapienza University Start-up: limited company with which Sapienza is not associated.


To begin the relative procedure, please contact the related Office at spinoff@uniroma1.it specifying:

1) Project proponent – stating the position performed by Sapienza

2) Proponent's department of belonging and all the potential departments involved in the project

3) Concise description of the business venture

4) Potential partners outer from Sapienza, involved in the project– natural and/or legal partners- 

A papers kit for the project presentation will be forwarded upon request

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