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Students and graduates: job & internship opportunities

Jobteaser – Vacancies


Jobteaser is the new platform adopted by Sapienza to help its students and graduates find their ideal job.

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On Jobteaser, you can find national and/or international job offers through search filters, pages presenting companies and notification options about offers and events published. You can filter the job offers based on type of company, sector, experience required, contract type, language and much more.

You can also download the Career Centre by JobTeaser app:

For further information and support, please mail:

or read the Guida per gli Studenti (in Italian)


Jobsoul - Internships and Traineeships 


Jobsoul is the online platform through which Sapienza University matches job/internship supply and demand.

The portal gives Sapienza students, graduates and near-graduates the chance of:


How to create your CV on Jobsoul

After filling in the registration form and activating your password, you can start writing your CV
(Enter your Reserved Area → Curriculum → Add a new CV)

  • Name your CV

The first step is to name your curriculum. You can create one or more specific profiles for each application. Please name the CV based on the job you are applying for, to easily recognise which profile to select when applying. If, for example, you are writing a CV for the Human Resources sector, you should name it CV_Human Resources. You will have the opportunity to draw up a new profile consistent with other announcements later on. Such classification of different profiles, it will make it easier to select one of the curricula you created, during the application phase.

  • Fill in the CV sections

The template prepared on the Jobsoul platform is divided into 13 areas. Within each section, you can create more than one tab, even at a later time, so as to guarantee a constant updating of your CV (for example, if an additional qualification or new professional experience is obtained). It takes time and care to complete the template, particularly with regard to certain fields codified according to specific standards (e.g. "professional figure" and "business sector"). Since all the data will be sent to the Ministry of Labour, is it necessary to use special protocols and codes. These standards should allow real-time dialogue between all regional nodes, facilitate the exchange of information and ensure continuous supervision by the Institutions.

  • Publish and edit your CV

Once the curriculum has been filled in, please publish it. It is also possible to edit or update parts of the curriculum with new information at any time and choose each time which profiles to publish.

Respect for Privacy

The platform fully respects the students and registered graduates' privacy: the sensitive data in the curricula are managed exclusively by the candidates themselves. If a company selects a specific profile from the platform's database, it will have to ask the candidate's consent via email to access the sensitive data (name, surname, gender, age, telephone, email and residence).


  • I Lost my Username and Password, what shall I do? 

If you lost your password and username, please use the online system for password recovery in the registration page. If you fail in recovering/accessing the website, contact:

  • How do I upload my CV?

In your reserved page, you can fill in the CV template under the voice " add a new curriculum" in the curriculum corner. Users can create and save more CVs, depending on their needs. Users cannot upload a Cv as an attachment.

  • Curriculum and adding multimedia material on the platform

It is possible to upload to the user's CV, photos, videos, audio clips by using URLs. That is, multimedia files, previously uploaded to online platforms (youtube, google documents, etc.), can be linked to your curriculum in specific sections (video, audio, photos, documents).

  • Spontaneous applications: how do I do it? 

The application is necessary if, on the portal, there is an offer published by one of the registered companies that may be of interest. The application can be made by clicking on the "candidati ora" (apply now) link at the bottom of each published offer.

  • Self-application: how do I do it?

If there is a specific company you would like to work for, you have to send your self-application directly from the company's page whether or not a specific offer is on the portal. To self-apply, it is necessary to go on the company's page and click on "Placement Area Self-application."

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