FAQ - Curricular and Extracurricular Internships

General Information

What documents do I need to activate an internship?

To activate an internship, of any kind, you need:

Affiliation (Convenzione): it is the document signed by the hosting organisation and by Sapienza. It regulates the relationship and decides upon the single details and individual obligations. The company or organisation can download the document (convenzione) from its reserved area on the Jobsoul Sapienza platform.

Training Project (Progetto Formativo): it is the document signed by the hosting body, the intern and the university that authorises the actual internship activation and decides the characteristics. The company or the organisation prepares the training project through the Jobsoul Sapienza platform, after the drafting of the “convenzione” (affiliation).

What does “curricular internship” mean?

The curricular internship has to be in the study plan in order to obtain Credits (CFU). Internships preparatory for the final test can be considered curricular. It has to be carried out during the degree programme or before graduation.

What does “extracurricular internship” mean?

The extracurricular internship is a practical training experience aimed at creating a direct relationship between the hosting body and the intern. The intern has the chance to enrich is cultural awareness and learn important professional skills. The extracurricular internship is not a business relationship.

Sapienza promotes extracurricular internships for its students and new graduates (graduation no more than 24 months before the beginning of the internship). The current regional regulation is applied (depending on the region where the internship takes place). The regulation establishes conditions, activation procedures, monthly compensation and internship characteristics.

Please click on “Regolamento per la disciplina dei tirocini extracurriculari


Students and Graduates

Can I activate/continue in-person curricular internships during the lockdown?

Yes, provided that, as required by government and regional regulations, the host institution/company can guarantee the trainees the same protective equipment (personal and organisational) as for its own employees, as well as compliance with national and regional rules.

In which cases is it necessary to activate/continue an online curricular internship during the lockdown?

Internships need to be carried out remotely if the host institution/company cannot guarantee the trainees the same protection equipment (personal and organisational) as for its own employees, as well as compliance with national and regional regulations.

I would like to do an internship. Where can I find them?

You can find the list of affiliated organisations and apply on our Jobsoul Sapienza platform. You can find more information on our “downloads” section.

You can also refer to the “Avvisi di selezione”  to apply to internships held in public institutions and organisations, managed by the “Settore Tirocini” (Internships and Traineeships sector). Visit the page.

I have found an organisation where I can do my curricular internship. What do I have to do to activate it?

You need to send a self-application for the internship by looking for the company or the organisation on the “aziende registrate” page on the Jobsoul Sapienza platform. Your CV must include all the information about the degree programme you are attending.

If the company or the organisation is not on the list, it will have to register on the platform and stipulate the affiliation.

When I try to submit a self-application for the internship, the system stops the procedure and detects an error. Why?

If you cannot complete your self-application, verify you have correctly filled out your CV on the Jobsoul platform.

On the “Istruzione e Formazione” section you must include your degree programme to activate the internship: first, select your Faculty and then find your degree programme on the automatically generated list.

Please mail jobsoul@uniroma1.it if you need assistance.

I would like to activate an extracurricular internship outside the Regione Lazio. What is the procedure?

The regional regulation, where the extracurricular internship takes place, is applied. The regional regulation establishes the activation procedures, monthly compensation and all the characteristics.

Please mail tirocini@uniroma1.it with all your data and the hosting organisation's: the Internships and Traineeships Sector will verify whether the right conditions for the activation are met and will communicate the procedures.

Can I activate an internship abroad?

If you are a student or a graduate (no more than 18 months since graduation), you can activate an internship abroad by using the Jobsoul Sapienza platform. For these internships, affiliation and training project are in English.

My training project has been approved. What should I do now?

For more information on how to submit your training project before the beginning of your internship, please contact the Taineships Sector belonging to the Faculty/Department in charge of your internship

What activities can be recognised as an internship to obtain the credits required in my study plan?

Please contact your Student Affairs Office for more details about the activities that can be recognised as credits for Altre Attività Formative (Other Training Activities)

What documents do I need to submit once my internship is over?

At the end of your internship, you must send the Certificate/Final Report filled in and signed by the host institution to your Student Affairs Office. The document can be prepared on the Sapienza Jobsoul platform.

Extracurricular internships within the Lazio Region  

How long can I do an extracurricular internship?

The extracurricular internship has a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 6 months, including extensions and renewals. For some trainees in special categories, the maximum duration can be up to 12 or 24 months (Regional Council Resolution DGR)

Is the internship subject to Mandatory Communications?

Although not considered as an employment relationship, extracurricular internships are subject to mandatory communications by the host institution as per art. 9-bis, co. 2,  d.l. n. 510/1996.


Mandatory communications: methods and timing

The Mandatory Communications Computer System (Sistema Informatico per le Comunicazioni Obbligatorie) is the single access point for sending online communications about the activation, extension, transformation, and termination of an employment relationship, according to the unified models defined by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (ANPAL portal www.co.lavoro.gov.it.). Notification of activation must be made within 24 hours before the start date of the internship. The host party must make notification of transformation or termination of an employment relationship within five days following the modification or termination of the internship.

Can the internship be suspended?

The trainee is entitled to a suspension of the internship due to maternity, injury or long-term illness (equal to or exceeding 30 calendar days), during the company's closing days lasting at least 15 consecutive calendar days. The period of suspension shall not count towards the total duration of the internship.


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