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Sustainable Sapienza with RUS - Network of Universities for Sustainable Development

The RUS - Network of Universities for Sustainable Development is a coordination initiative between Italian universities commited to orienting their institutional activities towards integrated sustainability objectives and to actively participate in the achievement of the Network's institutional aims, in full agreement with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The coordinator for RUS activities is Livio de Santoli, Rector's delegate for Building and Energy Policies.


Education for sustainability

Rus is also active in promoting sustainability training. Sapienza organises courses open to all students, interested citizens and companies.

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RUS Working Groups 

Sapienza University has created several working groups aimed at following our University's initiatives. Student Reps of the Academic Senate and the Board of Directors are part of these groups which are open to the whole Sapienza community. 

To join them and take part in their activities, please send an email to rus.sapienza@uniroma1.it.


WG Energy

Members: Livio de Santoli, Mauro Sarrica, Giuseppe Piras, Federico Lettina

Document (pdf, in Italian) 

WG Inclusion and Social Justice 

Members: Elena Ambrosetti, Maurizio Marceca, Antonio Mussino,Mariella Nocenzi (coordinator),Giuseppe Ricotta, Donatella Strangio, Graziella Gaglione, Chiara Buonopera, Matilde Santarelli 

Documenti (pdf_in Italian)

WG Mobility

Members: Luca Persia, Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli

Document (pdf, in Italian)

WG Waste

Members: Giuseppe Bonifazi, Silvia Serranti, Adriana Sferra, Raffaella Pomi

Document (pdf, in Italian)

The Waste working group prepared a questionnaire addressed to the whole Sapienza community on the management of old mobile phones and laptops. Questionnaire 

WG Climate Change

Members: Bruno Mazzara, Francesco Cioffi, Fausto Manes

Document (pdf, in Italian)

WG Education

Members: Fausto Manes, Gianluca Senatore, Mariella Nocenzi, Michela Chiadroni

Document (pdf, in Italian)

WG Food

Members: Francesco Zecca, Michela Chiadroni, Cesare Manetti, Lorenzo Donini

Document (pdf, in Italian)

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