Transversal, work-oriented and entrepreneurial skills

Sapienza offers a wide range of training activities aimed at providing skills that complement disciplinary knowledge, enabling people to approach the world of work with more determination, awareness and preparation.

In particular, Sapienza offers training opportunities for acquiring:

  • Transversal skills - Personal characteristics and skills that influence the way one works and relates to others. They are closely related to emotional intelligence and include skills such as communication and listening, conflict management, interpersonal skills, collaboration and cooperation, reading context and openness to feedback, etc.
  • Job orientation - strategies for an effective job search, discovering production trends and the most in-demand jobs, to approach the profession most suited to one's needs and personality, taking into account two main factors: on the one hand, the centrality of the person, their interests, skills and ability to relate to others, and on the other hand, the labour market
  • Entrepreneurial skills - knowledge, attitudes and skills that enable success in the development of original and valuable projects, products or services based on the needs of a target company and, consequently, on the realisation of functional, social or personal goals.

The courses for the development of transversal, work-oriented and entrepreneurial skills can be online or in person.

Target audience: students, graduands, recent Sapienza graduates

Workload: you can participate in a single webinar of your interest (normally lasting 2 hours), or take part in more composite activities, where there is a combination of webinars, workshops and individual interviews.

Open Badges can be acquired if students attend such activities for more than 10 hours. For example:

  • Employability Lab, promoted by Sapienza Career Service and implemented in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, to support recent graduates in the job search process;
  • Career Management Skills aimed at the acquisition of tools and methodologies to develop an effective job search strategy.

Participation in these courses is free of charge.

Enrolment is on Jobteaser using your institutional email address:

Read the Catalogue of Transversal, work-oriented and entrepreneurial skills

In addition to training courses, Sapienza, through its Career Service, offers a specialised job orientation service, tools and initiatives to support the development of employability during the delicate period of transition from university to work. In particular, the Career Service aims to promote awareness and skills for effective active job search, identifying and developing personal resources according to educational background and professional aspirations.

For more information, please visit the Career Service page.

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