Unitab - Sapienza Tobaccology Unit

Don't send Sapienza up in smoke!

Sapienza invites all students and staff to actively participate in the campaign on the damage of smoking and against littered cigarette butts. Our Sapienza Store distributes pocket ashtrays free of charge.

What Unitab is and how it can help you

Unitab is the Sapienza Tobaccology Unit (Unità di Tabaccologia della Sapienza). Unitab offers, free of charge, information on tobacco and its effects on health to students and professors of Sapienza.


  1. to inform non-smokers, smokers and ex-smokers about smoke-related problems;
  2. prevent tobacco addiction;
  3.  help people discover the benefits of a life free from tobacco smoke;
  4. promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At Unitab you will find help and guidance, and you can also: measure the degree of carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication of the lungs and nicotine addiction; receive information on tobacco issues such as the effects on health, the reasons for dependence, radioactivity, environmental impact, exploitation of developing countries, scientifically sound methods for quitting smoking, and advice for therapeutic programmes. Individual or group meetings, seminars and conferences on specific topics related to tobacco addiction can be held.

Please mail info@unitab.it to book your appointment and access the service.

Maria Sofia Cattaruzza


Sanarelli Building
Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases
Main Campus
Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5
00185 Roma

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