Italian Language Test for International Students

Italian language test for the A.Y. 2024-2025

For the A.Y. 2024-2025 the Italian language test, aimed at certifying a B2 proficiency level, will be organised by CISIA and held online as @Casa.

The test is mandatory, and strictly reserved to, for all non-EU citizens residing abroad and requiring a study visa who want to attend a degree course taught in Italian.

Candidates with a dual citizenship, one of which Italian or of any other EU Country, do not need to take the Italian language test since the Italian or the other EU citizenship will prevail.

For further information visit the International Student Office page.

Students who have already achieved a certificate of proficiency, awarded as determined by the CLIQ and with a grade not below the B2 level of the Council of Europe, are exempted from taking the test.
Neverthless, the certificate has to be obtained before submitting the pre-enrolment application on Universitaly (for the visa request) and no later than June 28th, 2024.

Students who already own the above mentioned certificate, can send a copy of it to in order to know if they can be exempted from taking the test.

Detailed information on exemptions from the Italian language test may be found in the "part III" of  Ministerial regulations.

Students wishing to attend a degree program entirely taught in English, or a degree program providing at least a curriculum in English, do not have to take the Italian language test.


The ITALIAN-L2 test takes 120 minutes and is composed of 3 parts:

  • Listening: 3 audio extracts with an overall of 21 questions (15 minutes for each extract)
  • Reading: 3 extracts with an overall of 21 questions (15 minutes for each extract)
  • Linguistic structures: sentence completion. 6 texts with an overall of 30 items to be completed in 30 minutes

The overall minimum passing score for the Italian–L2 test is 55 points.

Please note: candidates have to take the test with a laptop and they must use wired headphones/earphones during listening sections (no wireless headphones/earphones are allowed). Candidates who do not have a laptop and/or headphones/earphones won't sit the test.

On CISIA portal you can find:

- general information about the ITALIAN-L2 test

- indications to prepare, start and take the test

- technical information about required devices, network requirements and room configuration


Registration to the test

There will be many available sessions for taking the test starting from March 2024. The dates for test and related registrations will be progressively opened and published on this webpage.

For registration:

  • Login to Infostud (if you are not registered on Infostud yet, please do it via the following link)
  • Go to “Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes”
  • Go to “Admission to programmes”
  • Enter the test code relating to the date you have chosen for taking the Italian language test (test codes available in the section “Available sessions and booking deadlines”)
  • Go to Continue and then to Next
  • Click on PagoPa direct payment
  • Complete your registration by paying the € 17,08 fee. Your booking is confirmed only with payment

Please, pay attention to the payment deadlines indicated in the section: “Available sessions and booking deadlines”. Do not wait for the last minute since seats availability runs out fast.

Each session has 60 available seats.

Please note: in case seats run out for the date you booked at first, your test will be re-scheduled for the following day. Therefore, we suggest you to be ready and free for the day after the one you have booked.

A few days before the test, all registered candidates will receive an email from CISIA, sent to the email address declared on Infostud, with detailed instructions about how to start the test and how to upload a valid ID document.

In the email you will find the direct link to upload your ID. You have to upload it no later than two days before your booked session, within 2.00 pm (CET).

Please, check regularly your email account.

Please note Sapienza will take into account only tests passed with an overall minimum passing score of 55 points and taken not later than June 28th, 2024, which is the deadline for submitting the pre-enrolment application on Universitaly.

Candidates can register (and possibly repeat the test) either in the sessions reserved for Sapienza or in those available for other Universities that provide the same test. Look for the whole list on CISIA website in the section ITALIAN-L2 Test.


Nevertheless, candidates who take the test in one of the sessions available for other Universities, must pass it with an overall minimum passing score of 55 points and take it not later than June 28th, 2024.

As stated in art. 30 of students regulations, point 3.: on no account will the amounts paid to take admission tests to degree programmes be reimbursed.
So no refund is possible on the registration fee paid for the ITA L2 test.

Available sessions and booking deadlines


14 March 2024 (test code 16182 - booking closed)

19 March 2024 (test code 12475 - booking closed)

21 March 2024 (test code 12476 - booking closed)

26 March 2024 (test code 13008 - booking closed)

4 April 2024 (test code 16182 - booking closed)

11 April 2024 (test code 12475 - booking closed)

9 May 2024 (test code 16182 - booking closed)

16 May 2024 (test code 12475 - booking closed)

23 May 2024 (test code 12476 - booking closed)

30 May 2024 (test code 13008 - booking closed)

4 June 2024 (test code 16182 - booking from May 9 to May 24)

6 June 2024 (test code 12475 - booking from May 9 to May 26)

11 June 2024 (test code 12476 - booking from May 23 to June 3)

13 June 2024 (test code 13008 - booking from May 23 to June 5)

Test sessions will start at 2.30PM Italian time, we ask you to log on the test at least 10 minutes before it starts.

No additional test sessions are planned in Sapienza.

Each session has 60 available seats.

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