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Unit for Italian and international university residences and guesthouses

Sapienza University has launched a new reception policy aimed at responding to the growing demand for affordable rent from students, interns and researchers. The project aims to create university residences for off-campus students and sign agreements with external operators

The Unit takes care of: 

  • Organisation, support, accounting, and administrative management of Sapienza's residences;
  • Calls for tenders and projects aimed at building new university residences;
  • Organisation, support and administrative-accounting management of the College Italia in New York;
  • Agreements with outer services to increase the number of residences for students;
  • Promotion of services on student hospitality provided by Sapienza;
  • Periodical quality check;


University Residences

In recent years Sapienza University of Rome has taken part in ministerial calls for proposals aimed at co-financing housing and residences for university students (l.n.338/2000), and has been able to launch 4 building renovation and redevelopment projects for the creation of 4 university residences. This Unit performs administrative support and coordination functions in agreement with the Building Maintenance Area.

Sapienza University Residences


Ongoing Projects 




Progress Status

Luca Serianni



available since Dec 1st, 2022

via Osoppo



work in progress 


CARSU IV                             


work in progress 

Via Palestro 63                                 



 work in progress 







Agreements with private residential facilities

The Unit also promotes agreements with private structures offering housing services to students. 
For further information, please visit: https://redazione.uniroma1.it/en/pagina/student-housing


SSAS student housing services 

The Unit is also responsible for managing the housing services offered to the students of the School of Advanced Studies (SSAS).

As of December 1, 2022, SSAS students can stay at the Luca Serianni Residence on Via del Castro Laurenziano 2bis.

Sapienza University Residences


College Italia 

The Project was launched in 2008 in partnership with the Politecnico di Bari and the Universities of Brescia, Cassino, Perugia and Molise, and involved the purchase of the building located in New York, 225 Rector Place. The building is intended to accommodate the students of the partner universities who, as part of the above-mentioned Project, participate in joint international academic training programmes with prestigious American universities.

The 'College Italia' is centrally and strategically located in relation to the surrounding universities (including Pace, Columbia University and NYU-Poly with which Sapienza has signed agreements) and consists of 15 flats.

Sapienza is entrusted with the management of the administrative aspects and in general with carrying out and/or coordinating all activities aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the building units.


Sapienza guesthouses

The Unit deals with the administrative and accounting aspects of Sapienza's guesthouses, follows the management service contract and verifies the legitimacy of requests for reservations for rooms and multi-purpose rooms.

Sapienza owns two guesthouses, one located on Via Volturno no. 42, the other on Via Nomentana no. 118, in the Villa Mirafiori complex, and are intended to host professors, researchers, students, and technical-administrative staff invited by a Sapienza structure for its institutional activities, conferences, seminars or research activities.

Sapienza gueshouses

Head of Unit
Rita Patini 

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