Organization Office

The Organization Office is responsible for coordinated and joint planning as well as for the impulse, monitoring, control and evaluation of the activities of the two sectors by which it's composed: the Trade Union Sector and the Structures, Processes and Organizational Wellbeing Sector.

The organization, as the name itself states, is its core business and its strategic function. 
The Trade Union Sector coordinates and develops procedures for the application of the legislation on trade union relations, on national collective and supplementary collective bargaining, following, in relation to the decentralized bargaining, both the preparatory phase and that related to the implementation of the union agreements and the application of the contract institutes to all the technical-administrative staff.
The newly established Processes and Organizational Wellbeing Sector manages another area that deals with monitoring and study and research activities on the subject of organization and, ultimately, organizational planning.
The final aim is to rationalize the distribution of human resources and optimize the services to make them efficient and close to the user, and, last but not least, to pursue the organizational well-being of the workers.
Such path makes use of a complex process of increasingly in-depth knowledge of the existing organization, to get to value the worker-person and his abilities, as well as to protect him from any discriminatory intent to the detriment of his integrity.

Organisation and Development Area

Organisation Office

Office Manager
Emanuela Gloriani

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organisation office


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