Patents and Licensing Sector


Patents and Licensing Area is in charge of all the technical and administrative procedures to protect and manage the University intellectual property.

In particular:

  • Promotion and dissemination of intellectual property culture throughout the academic community related to the patents and brands information on the procedural University rules to file patents both in Italy and abroad; 
  • Priority researches on the State of the Art of the patents by using specific databases  in order to verify the novelty and the industrial viability of the invention; 
  • Focus  and scouting on research results most appealing to market and their valorization;
  • Formal screening on patent proposals and  following technical support to the evaluation procedures of the Patents Committee;
  • Selection of patent attorneys companies accredited by UIBM, EPO, USPTO, etc. and following relationship and management of their services;
  • Management, supervision and analysis of the university patent portfolio;
  • Management, use and exploitation of ownership of jointly owned patents;
  • Technical support in Drafting of agreements (licenses, transfers, research contracts, MTA, NDA) of Sapienza’s Patents portfolio.


Outreach and Technology Transfer Area

Enhancement and Technology Transfer Office

Office Manager 
Daniele Riccioni
+39 06 4991 0855

Patents and Licensing Sector Manager

Paola Ciaccia
+(39) 06 4991 0888


Beatrice Calabrese
+(39) 064969 0337

Maria Maddalena Cartini
+(39) 064991 0742

Maria Cristina Di Giovancarlo
+(39) 064991 0190

Orlando Maiorani
+(39) 0649910387

Giorgia Nanula
+(39) 064991 0817



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