Personale del settore Pianificazione, gestione risorse e mobilità

Planning, Resource Management and Mobility Sector

The sector manages activities related to: 

Provisional activity for the application of the economic progressions of TA staff within the category in synergy with the Trade Union Relations Sector;
Management of the attribution and formalization of organizational positions and specialized responsibility functions;

Management of the implementation phase of the assigning process of the objectives to the managerial staff, evaluation of the results and the organizational and liquidation behavior of the economic treatment linked to the results, availing of the support of the Legal and Economic Status Sector of the managers, TA University staff , CEL;

In particular, it prepares provisions concerning the reorganization of the General Management, the assignment of offices in various capacities, the establishment of commissions, working groups, etc. and any act having implications for the staff organization and management;

Management of the technical staffing of the technical-administrative staff and definition of the staff needs of each organizational structure of the University;
It defines criteria and modalities on internal and external mobility of technical-administrative staff, including commands and detachments;

Management of the U-GOV platform related ro report of technical-administrative and academic staff, according to the demand programming activity; 

Management of processes related to the area mobility of technical-administrative personnel.

Organisation and Development Area

Planning, Resource Management and Mobility Sector

Maria Grazia Galliussi

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Siddharta De Marinis
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Serena Manicuti
T (+39) 06 4991 2349

Carla Morra
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Augusto Pantaleoni
T (+39) 06 4991 2447

Maria Laura Sechi
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