Resident Physician Contracts for Specialisation Students

Last update: April 14, 2023

COVID-19 Emergency - Recruitment of resident physicians

As per DL No. 14 of March 9, 2020 'Urgent provisions for the strengthening of the National Health System concerning the COVID-19 emergency", two extraordinary and separate channels for the recruitment of resident physicians has been identified, until the end of the state of emergency.
In addition to the previous recruitment channels, there are the cases provided for by the New Modalities for the Recruitment of Resident Doctors Law no. 27 of April 24, 2020 – 
(Conversion into law, with amendments, of the decree-law no. 18 of March 17, 2020).
Specific information is available in the specific section of the Postgraduate Course page.

Specialised training contracts

The doctors who access the Specialization Schools benefit from a specialist training contract, as regulated by Legislative Decree 368/99 and subsequent amendments. Every year the MIUR issues the call for applications in which it communicates the number of specialist training contracts that will be activated and the date on which the contract starts. Universities can activate additional contracts of the same amount and duration with resources deriving from donations or funding from public or private bodies.

Characteristics of the specialist training contract

The training contract is aimed at the acquisition of professional skills through the frequency of formal educational activities planned by the School Council, and the conduction of assistance activities, functional to the progressive acquisition of the competences envisaged by the teaching regulations of the individual schools. The total working hours are equal to those foreseen for the doctors of the national health service (a total of 38 hours per week). Are allowed 30 days of absences for personal reasons, and it's recognized the right to maternity. The sums received through the contract are Irpef exempt and non-taxable Irap, therefore it is not necessary to present the tax return for the sums received; the payment of the contributions to the INPS Separate Management is envisaged.
The contract consists of € 25,000 gross the first two years and € 26,000 gross in subsequent years.

Download a fac-simile of the contract from

IBAN Code Required for Payments

First-year specialisation students must insert their IBAN Bank Code on Infostud immediately after having paid the enrolment fees. Information on received payments are only available electronically by consulting the “Cedolino/Cud” option on the On-line Salary Office Service, using the username and password of the institutional webmail (the e-mail address must have the format

Please note: you can only access this U-gov system after having received the first instalment of your payments.

Request a Sapienza e-mail(necessary to access the service).

For any issues concerning your payments, please contact the Salary Office:

ATTENTION: For the modification of the IBAN, after the initial acquisition, it is necessary to follow the procedures defined by the wages office. The modification of the IBAN on Infostud is not acquired by the wages office.
See how to change IBAN.

Private financing of additional training contracts for medical graduate schools

Following the new legislation (Decree Law 104/2013 converted into Law 128/2013) which introduced the national competition for access to medical specialization schools,please note that any agreement for the financing of one or more training contracts specialist, necessary to activate one or more additional places, must be sent to the Educational Offer and Right to Education Area - Office Right to Study and General Affairs - Projects, Agreements and Controls Sector (General Services Building, Building CU029, staircase C, II floor) before issuing the Ministerial Decree with which the specialized training contracts are assigned annually to the various universities.

For further information on the activation of additional residencies, please consult the page on private funding.


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